Secrets of the Jeopardy! Champions can be yours

     So far, no one has entered my giveaway of Chuck Forrest’s book Secrets of the Jeopardy! Champions.  All you have to do is sign up for the Summer Hiatus Challenge on the Jeopardy! message boards, and leave a comment here telling me you did.  (And please play the Challenge, of course!)  I’m having a good time playing, and I think I’m doing at least okay on it.  I’m listed as 84th of 129 after Day 1, but that doesn’t take into consideration that they thought I “clammed” (didn’t respond at all) on a question when in fact I’d gotten it wrong.  BUT (I’d like to think it is because I am new), I didn’t realize when I responded to that first day’s clues that if I opted not to answer, it wouldn’t hurt my score. So I guessed on every question but one, even if I knew I was wrong, and that cost me 6 points. (This sounds a little familiar!)  My ranking sounds bad, but, before adjusting my score, I was two places ahead of a former Tournament of Champions finalist on the real show, that I really respect and admire.  I wish I had known about the Challenge in previous years.  It makes the summer break from the show much easier to take.  No Jeopardy! fan should miss it.

     Care to match wits with these Jeopardy! heavyweights?  They’re playing the Challenge. (Pictures are courtesy of Robert Knecht-Schmidt at, except where noted.)
 Ryan Chaffee, 4-time champ and Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist, is “mrbungle.”
Liz Murphy, 5-time champ and Tournament of Champions semifinalist, is “emurphy.”
Patrick Tucker, College Championship winner and Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist, is “ptucker.”
(Incidentally, Ryan, Liz, and Patrick played each other in the Tournament of Champions this year!)
Buddy Wright, a 4-time champion (and possibly a future Tournament of Champions contestant) from this last season, is “aggiebud.” (Thanks to Buddy, via Jeopardy!, for his picture.)

Recent 3-time champ Alison Stone Roberg is playing as “Asphodel.”
     On to this week’s shows.  Here are my scores.  (Nothing against teenagers, but I’d rather not lose to them!):
Kennedy Stomps   6600
Samantha Roback 13598
Zach Blumenfeld 51999
Me                        32802
     I wagered enough on the Final to beat Zach if he wagered nothing (because he didn’t need to).  But he wagered HUGE anyway, and I would’ve lost in that case, even if I had doubled.
Forrest Sturgill      2800
Lindsay Oxx         17900
Gabriel Johnson 21995
Me                       21800
Rachel Rothenberg 13800
Aidan Mehigan       22800
Solomon Howard   17001
Me                        24002

     Finally, I see there are two Jeopardy Challengers available on eBay right now!  Now I don’t know ANYTHING about the sellers or these particular items, so I don’t take any responsibility if something’s wrong.  But if you want a Challenger, now may be your chance.

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