Not quite a pokerface

     As promised, here’s a recap of tonight’s Jeopardy!  Like this morning, I took pictures of tonight’s contestants and have tried to upload them, but am unable to.  Arrggh!
     Speaking of “Arrggh,” did you guys notice that both rounds had clues left over again?  Boo!  Tonight’s contestants were two-time champ Jody Allen, Kimberly Jantz, and Leigh-Anne Marcellin.  The Jeopardy round featured a poker theme.  Did you guys know these triple-stumpers in the round?  In I Have 5 Kings: “In 1926 W. L. Mackenzie King was prime minister of this country twice (he gave it up in June but had it back by September.”*  What about this one in The Ace of Hearts?: “During WWI, Lt. Henry goes AWOL and excapes to Switzerland to be with his love Catherine in this Hemingway novel.”*
     When Jody found the Daily Double of the Jeopardy round, he had 2400, Leigh-Anne had 3400, and Kimberly had 1800.  He wagered everything (and missed) on this clue in The Ace of Hearts: “This Shakespearean tragedy, one of his last, is based on Plutarch’s ‘Lives.'”*  By the end of the round, Jody was right back in the hunt with 3000, while Leigh-Anne had 3200 and Kimberly had 2600.
     Jody found both Daily Doubles in the Double Jeopardy round, the first one just 4 clues or so in.  He was in the lead, and wagered 1000 on this clue in Architecture, read by Jimmy of the Clue Crew:  “In a cruciform church, the central part is called the nave; it ends in a recessed area that is usually vaulted, called this.”*  He got it right.  When he found the next Daily Double in It’s Official, he was leading by 200.  He wagered 3000 on this clue: “Give me 60 seconds, lass, and I’ll tell you this name of the official juice of NASCAR.”*
     At the end of the Double Jeopardy round, Jody had 11000, Leigh-Anne had 6000, and Kimberly had 14200.  The Final Jeopardy category was Political Nonfiction.  This was the clue: “This book begins, ‘June 17, 1972.  Nine o’clock Saturday morning.'”*  All three contestants got it right.  Jody wagered 10999.  Mr. Trebek had indicated at the top of the show that Jody’s last two games had been runaways, and he had wagered conservatively in the finals.  Not today!  Mr. Trebek also indicated that Kimberly looked unhappy when the answer to the clue had been revealed.  If so, it was an act, because she got it right and wagered enough, 8000, to make her the champion.  Then the sad face became a full-blown smile!

*Canada, A Farewell to Arms, Anthony and Cleopatra, apse, Minute Maid, All the President’s Men

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