Blogging to beat the (marching) band

     I am blogging on a dead run today: Must blog and get dinner by 6:30 to watch the Husker game live! (ESPN, if you wanted to know.)  I wish I have at least touched the book I got at the library called How to Write Fast.  I sure need that knowledge right now!

     Today’s contestants:
(from left to right, Don Meals, Mike Hodel, and Sarah Rabin Spira)
     Like yesterday, today’s episode was loaded with triple-stumpers that I was able to answer.  See how you do on these (and please leave a comment letting me know!):
In Double Ds (I got this one in the nick of time): “An enigmatic word puzzle.”*
In They Drive on the Left: “If you want to drive from Klerksdorp to Roodeport in this country, head east and hang a left at Sosolburg.”*
In Food Words: “To waste little by little, or a fried treat similar to a doughnut.”*
In Ancient Greeks: “Born on Samos, he’s the philosopher and mathematician in the illustration seen here:”*

In McCartney: “The title of Paul’s 2006 classical album ‘Ecce Cor Meum’ translates as ‘Behold My’ this.”*
In Books’ Other Titles: “Thackeray’s ‘A Novel Without a Hero.'”*
In A Business is Born: “The first drugstore in this chain began operating out of a Chicago hotel in 1901; in 2009 the 7000th store opened.”*
     Probably as a result of all those triple-stumpers, I had a lock on the game at the end of Double Jeopardy with 26400.  Returning champ Don had 11400, Mike had 2800, and Sarah had 10400.  The Final Jeopardy category was Mammals.  This clue, too, was a quadruple-stumper, as I missed it, too.  I don’t like this clue much, actually.  I don’t think anyone really had a chance.  (And I’m not just saying that because I missed it!): “One type of this aquatic animal gives milk that’s 65% fat; pups are weaned in 4 days, the least of any mammal.”*  Did anyone watching know this one?  Really?
     Now, I’m not sure what Mike had in mind when he wagered 700.  Did he accurately predict Don’s wager and expect him to get it wrong?  In any case, he did the right thing.  Sarah wagered ALL of her 10400 (I’d have done that, too).  Don wagered 9401, which I also would’ve done, because it would’ve given him the win if both he and Sarah got the final clue right.  Since they both missed it, though…Mike was left with the most money at 2100.  What?!  Mike’s reaction:

     So do you think Mike can win tomorrow?  It will be interesting, for sure!

*riddle, South Africa, fritter, Pythagoras, Heart, Vanity Fair, Walgreens, seal