The most important Meals of the day

     The scores for Monday this week:
Don Meals     Lois Petzold     Emily Jusino     Me
   8199                 6000               599          19202

     I was proud to guess the right answer to this final in Primetime TV, when everyone else missed it.  I’m even prouder to tell you (and I’m quick to add!) I haven’t seen this show in its entirety: “Now in Season 23, its producer says it’s the only show with ‘no script, no actors, no host, and no re-enactments.'”*

     On Tuesday, all four of us guessed the same thing on the final, and all four of us missed it!  It was a trap!  This was the clue, in Broadway Roles: “In 1955, she beccame the first and so far only actress to win a Tony for playing a male role in a musical.”*  These were the final scores:

James Brown   Kristen Schroeder   Don Meals   Me
       100                 800                     13199       5598

     So Don (on the left) was back for a third day today, despite missing the final in his two games.  His opponents were Kelly Moore and Peter Landesman.


     I liked the Jeopardy round categories today, such as Game Time, All Hail (where you name the state the people in the clue are from), and the category Don started with, The Main Organ Affected.  He was sweeping the category, and so was I, when he found the Daily Double, the last clue of the category.  We both made it a true Daily Double.  The clue: “Pleurisy.”*  We both got it right.  At the end of the Jeopardy round, Don had 8200, Kelly had 5200, and Peter had 2600.  I had 13200. 
     What stood out for me today (besides the wheelhouse categories) was the number of what I thought were easy triple-stumpers (four!).  I couldn’t believe no one got this one in The Brady Bunch in Today’s Workforce (another category I like): “Ironically, Greg, who once adopted the rock persona Johnny this, now works for the cable network of the same name.”*  Here are the other three:
     In Prince Songs a la Trebek: “In this 1983 hit, ‘I was dreamin’ when I wrote this, so sue me if I go too fast’; did I say 1983?”* (Sorry to those of you will have that song stuck in your head now!)
     In Cursing in the Bible: “In his epistle to the Galatians, he declares that htose who preach a false gospel will be cursed.”*  I think Mr. Trebek was surprised, too, because he pointed out the key words in the clue after time had run out.
     And in You’ve Got She Mail: “This poet wrote to a friend, ‘We are by September and yet my flowers are as bold as June.  Amherst has gone to Eden.'”*
     Don did not miss the final today in 2010 Science News, while everyone else, myself included, did.  (Need I point out that Don is a scientist?)  Since he led going into the final with 16200, then, he won today.  Kelly had 10600 after the final and Peter had 9800.  (I had 30000.)  This is the final clue: “The IUPAC named an element for this man born in 1473 to ‘highlight the link between astronomy and…nuclear chemistry.'”* 

*Cops, Mary Martin, lungs, Bravo, “1999,” St. Paul, Emily Dickinson, Copernicus
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