Today’s contestants:

(from left to right; Ari Stern, Reggie LaFond, Pam Jones-Pigott)
     Reggie found the Daily Double in the Jeopardy round, with one clue to go before the first break.  The category was Best Spoken Word Grammy.  This was the clue: “‘The Words of Gandhi,’ (1984).”*  He got it right!  At the first break, Reggie had 2200, Ari had 1800, and Pam had 1200.
     Now, you guys know how I feel about triple-stumpers.  Today, I’m including triple-stumpers that not only I got, but ones my mom and dad got, too.  Here are two from the Jeopardy round.  My dad got this one, also in Best Spoken Word Grammy: “‘Gracie: A Love Story,’ (1990).”*  My mom got this one, in The Executor Branch: “As sheriff of Erie County, New York, Grover Cleveland personally hanged 2 criminals, earning him the nickname ‘Hangman of’ here.”* 
     At the end of the Jeopardy round, Ari (who said his father appeared on the show in 1985!) had 4000, Reggie had 5200, and Pam had 3200. 
     Here are some triple-stumpers from the Double Jeopardy round.  My mom got this one in Synonyms: “This synonym for ‘rich’ consists of an adverb, a preposition, and a verb.”*  I got this one (finally!) in Literary Obituary: “19th century pickpocket gang leader, described as ‘a receiver of stolen goods,’ by execution.”*
     Pam found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round, also in Literary Obituary.  This was the clue: “Long Island society mourns his loss, murdered in West Egg, by George Wilson.”*  She got it right.  Reggie then nearly swept Pro Athletes by Number Worn, with only a few clues left on the board.  The only clue I knew in that category was this one: “Moses Malone, Derek Jeter.”*  Then Pam found the next Daily Double in Lawyers.  She led, and wagered 2000.  This was the clue: “John Adams was a defense attorney for patriots like John Hancock and for British troops accused in this 1770 skirmish.”*  She got it right!
     There’s one more triple-stumper in the same category that I want to share, because this subject of the clue is a Nebraska native!  I learned about him in fourth grade.  This is the clue: “This prosecutor in the Scopes monkey trial fell ill and died shortly after that trial ended.”*
     At the end of the Double Jeopardy round, Ari had 5600, Reggie had 8400, and Pam had 12800.  Reggie prevented an unpleasant situation (not quite a runaway) at the last second by answering the last clue, worth 2000, correctly.  Otherwise he would’ve had exactly half of Pam’s total going into the final.
     The final category was Famous Americans.  This was the clue: “In 1886, he published his first book, ‘The Trumpet and Drum,’ an instructional handbook with 8 compositions.”*  My mom got this right at the end of the thirty seconds, and my dad seemed like he knew it, too.  All three contestants got it right!  Ari wagered 4000 and Reggie wagered 5000.  Pam wagered 4000, which would’ve put her tied with Reggie if he had wagered everything.  As it is, she is your new champion!
*Ben Kingsley, George Burns, Buffalo, well-to-do, Fagin, The Great Gatsby, 2, the Boston Massacre, William Jennings Bryan