At the top of today’s show, Mr. Trebek announced that the College Championship will begin next week.  Do you guys like it?  Would you rather see regular episodes?  I feel okay with it this time, for some reason.
     Today’s contestants:

(from left to right; Marie Braden, Molly Adams, Silvio Menzano)
(By the way, did Marie have a new hair color today?  It looked red, and I don’t remember it being red last week.  As for Molly, does anyone else think she looks like Janine Turner?)
     Marie was back to try for her second win today.  Molly and I swept Single-Named Singers’ Last Names, which was somewhat expected because she is a deejay!  Molly also found the Daily Double of the round, in Makes Sense.  She had 4000, Marie had 4800, and Silvio had 800.  She wagered 2000 on this clue, what I think was one of the easiest in a category that should’ve been easier!: “This 4-digit number is the Hollywood production company of director Christopher Columbus.”*  At the end of Double Jeopardy, Molly was in the lead with 8200.  Marie had 6600, Silvio had 1800, and I had 9000.
     Silvio found the first Daily Double in the Double Jeopardy round.  (Actually I believe the second one was not uncovered.)  He had 5000, Marie had 4600, and Molly and I both had 9400.  How do you wager with scores like those?  I struggled and wound up wagering (and losing) 2600.  Silvio wagered (and also lost!) 3000 on this toughie in Novel Sum-Up: “What hath Roth wrought?  Title guy Alexander laments to a shrink; Feels guilty?  You bet!”*
     I got two triple-stumpers right on today’s episode, in Frontwords and Backwords (The responses are two words, one read forward and the same one read in reverse): “Rivers do this, bend upon bend; reverse it for one who tends sheep to their end.”*  The other one was in Mikhail Gorbachev.  I can’t believe everyone missed this one, and Mr. Trebek seemed surprised, too: “In 1952, Mikhail Gorbachev hit this big city to enter its state university law school; he graduated in 1955.”*
     At the end of Double Jeopardy, Marie had 9800, Molly had 11000, Silvio had 5200, and I had 15200.  The Final Jeopardy category was Business Pairings.  This was the clue: “The names of 2 men, 1 born in Germany in 1834 and 1 in Kansas in 1875, were joined in this company name lasting 1998-2007.”*  Marie guessed what I did (and missed it), and lost 9798.  Molly missed it, too, and lost 8601.  Silvio got it right, and will be back tomorrow!  I liked how excited he looked, raising both arms in the air!  Do you guys think he will win again tomorrow? 
*1492, Portnoy’s Complaint, flow/wolf, Moscow, Daimler-Chrysler