Basque-ing in languages two consecutive days

     My Coryat score-keeping was thwarted today because (stay with me here) I used the onscreen guide while recording Jeopardy! on a VCR.  (Someone had alerted me on Twitter that the weekend rerun was going to be pre-empted where he lived, and he thought mine might be as well.)  This particular onscreen guide is so slow and just bad that it occasionally blacks out whatever is on TV while it is trying to think.  So I missed four clues, but I’ll still give you my score for what I did see: 16200.  (See below for the Coryat scores of the contestants.)  No one else has posted their scores here yet.  This is bad news for me but GOOD for you, because your chances are better!  You still have a week to post any of both this week’s and next week’s.  These are GREAT prizes, people!  Please post your scores!
     Even though I missed four clues, it was a good day for me because I got FIVE triple-stumpers!  Did you guys know these?:
In Spirit of St. Louis: “In 1953, Sportsmans Park was renamed this, becoming the first of three ballparks to bear the name.”*
In Poets of Song: “His song told of ‘people talking without speaking…people writing songs that voices never share.'”*
In Smart Alex: “He won a Nobel Prize for his 1928 discovery of an early antibiotic.”*
In Born to Run: “This president’s son and grandson were Ohio senators; a great-grandson, Ohio’s governor.”*
In Numbers 4 Letters (A clue is given and then a series of numbers that coordinate with their place in the alphabet.  For example, today’s returning champion is 4-1-14.): “It’s ready for war: 1-18-13-25.”*
     Today’s contestants:

Dan Jensen (The restaurant he manages is sports-themed.)

Dana Gresko (Had anyone else heard of Montpelier, Virginia?  I thought Mr. Trebek misspoke.)


Gabe Perez-Giz (Looks exactly like Chilean tennis player Fernando Gonzalez)

     Gabe found the first Daily Double before the first break in Ends in “H”.  He had a huge lead with 4000, compared to Dan’s 400 and Dana’s 200.  He wagered 2500 on this clue:  “The only state capital ending in ‘h,’ it was named for an English soldier and courier.”*  Neither he nor I could come up with it in time.  I dare say it might even have been better suited to Final Jeopardy, considering the amount of time it would take.  Did you guys get it in time?      The Daily Doubles in the Double Jeopardy round, however, took longer to find.  Dan found the first one in Neckwear.  He had 6800, Dana had 3200, and Gabe had 2100.  Dan wagered 2000 on this clue: “For formal wear, there are 2 types of these ties: the bat wing and the thistle.”*  Dan knew it, and I didn’t.
     The next Daily Double was the second-to-last clue.  Gabe found it in “Song” of Poets.  He had 10100, Dan had 11600, and Dana had 7600.  At first I didn’t like Gabe’s wager of 1500 (thinking it not very gutsy), then I realized it was not that bad: He still retained second place going into Final Jeopardy even if he missed.  However, he could have wagered up to 499 more and would have had the lead over Dan if right and second place still if wrong.  Here was his clue: “William Blake published this collection in 1789; “Experience” would come a few years later.”*   He did miss it.  I thought it was tough, too.  Then Dana got this last clue right in the same category, which seemed to thwart Gabe’s plan of being in second place (if that in fact was his plan): “An insignificant battle between Charlemagne and the Basques at Roncevalles is the basis for this French epic poem.”*  The scores going into Final Jeopardy, then, were 11600 for Dan, 9600 for Dana, and 8100 for Gabe.
     The Final Jeopardy category was World Languages.  This was the clue: “Of all the countries with Spanish as an official language, this one is last alphabetically.”*
*Busch Stadium, Paul Simon, Alexander Fleming, Taft, army, Raleigh, bowties, Songs of Innocence, Song of Roland, Venezuela
Coryats: Dan 10800, Dana 9600, Gabe 12600

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