Did you keep track of your Coryat score today?  Post it in a comment here for a chance to win one of these three prizes: 1) Jeopardy! for the Wii, 2) a *signed* copy of Stephen Baker’s Final Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything, 3) a Jeopardy Challenger.  You can post your Coryats up to ten times to increase your chances (every day this week and next).  Special thanks to Stephen Baker for offering to sign a copy of his book.
     Speaking of “Watson” and its match against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter (the subject matter of Baker’s book), a commercial aired on today’s episode between the two rounds.  What do you guys think?  The match aside, I was glad the commercial was in the usual place of an “Inside Edition” commercial.  I can hardly stand to watch those.
     I kept track of my score with the Coryat method today.  Here’s a reminder what the scoresheet looks like(or at least what mine looks like).  Below is my Jeopardy round from today.  I use a checkmark to indicate I got the question right, a horizontal line to indicate I did not respond, and an ‘x’ to indicate I got the question wrong.  By the way, j-archive.com keeps track of the Coryat scores of the contestants on the show.  I will post them here as they appear so that you can compare yourself to the real contestants.

     Here are today’s contestants:
1-day champion Lyn Thomas

Annemarie Brentrup (She’s a pizza restaurant manager!)

Genaro Lopez
     Annemarie swept Sky High almost immediately.  (A skyscraper was provided in the clue, and the contestants were to name the city where it is located.)  By the first break, had 4000 while Genaro had 3600 and Lyn had 800.  (Lyn’s first response was to the clue immediately preceding the first break.)
     I got two triple-stumpers in today’s episode.  The first was in Novel Ideas.  How many of you knew this one: “‘Cleanliness is next to Fordliness’ is a line from this 1932 novel.”*  And who else had to read this one in high school?
     This is the other triple-stumper I got, in Dude-er-onomy: “This actor played a Lebowski, not The Big Lebowski, but the dude abides.”*  The only way I knew this is because this actor is in a much-hyped movie out right now.  (Not that the hype isn’t well-placed.  I saw the movie over the weekend but was asleep during part of it.  What I saw was good.)
     Lyn found the Daily Double in the Jeopardy round, in Novel Ideas.  It was a close game; she had 4200, Genaro had 3600, and Annemarie had 3800.  Lyn wagered 1300 on this clue: “In a 1948 novel, he wrote, ‘Pearls were accidents, and the finding of one was luck, a little pat on the back by God.”*  I was wrong but Lyn got it right.  At the end of the round, she had 6700, Genaro had 4000, and Annemarie had 4200.
     Annemarie found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round.  The category was Job.  (The Double Jeopardy round featured a Bible-based theme.)  Annemarie had 8600, while Lyn had 7100 and Genaro had 9600.  Annemarie wagered 1500 on this clue: “This 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner in 75 years old and has spent 70 years in his current job.”*  I couldn’t come up with it in time, and I’m not sure that I would have, but Annemarie did.
     The next Daily Double was found by Lyn in Numbers.  She had 11100, Genaro had quietly grown his score to 16000, and Annemarie had 11700.  Lyn wagered 4000 on this clue: “In restaurant slang, this number means ‘all gone.'”*  I thought this was a toughie.  Lyn didn’t know it either and was not going to respond (like I would’ve done), but Mr. Trebek said something like, “You don’t want to guess a number?” at which point she guessed something wrong.  Poor Lyn!
     At the end of the round, Lyn had 9100, Genaro had 16400, and Annemarie had 14500.  The final category was Pop Stars, which I was happy about!  This was the clue: “He was backed by London’s Royal Philharmonic concert orchestra on his 2010 tour, which he called ‘Symphonicity.”*  I guessed something wrong at first, then got it right in time.  All three contestants got it right, too.  Did you?  I wonder if this clue was a little easier than I thought it was before seeing all three contestants got it right.  Lyn wagered 7400, Annemarie doubled except for a dollar, and Genaro wagered enough to win if she had doubled.  So he is your new champion!
     I almost forgot to reveal my Coryat score: 23400.  Lyn’s Coryat score was 12800, Genaro’s was 16400, and Annemarie’s was 13800. 
*”Brave New World,” Jeff Bridges, Steinbeck, the Dalai Lama, 86, Sting