Back in Action

     It feels good to be blogging about an episode again.  I’ve worked every night this week, so every entry’s been extra information on past quadruple-stumpers.  I hate to admit it but I feel like I need to: There was no post last night because I got hopelessly lost about how “French Sudan” became “Mali.”  I dare you to try it yourself.  And let me know if you have more success than I did.  I ultimately decided it was better to not publish anything than to publish something either messy or that I was unsure of.  Besides, Wednesday’s entry could last much more than two days! 
     Okay, on to happier things.  Okay, one more not-so-good thing: I don’t have my Monday Coryat score because the recording was a little messed up and I missed about two and a half categories that day.  Here are the Coryats for the other days this week:
2-22: Lindsey Thiesfeld 13400     Idrees Kahloon 25000     Cosi Audi 4400     Me 31200
2-23: Carlee Jensen 3800     Erin Hart 20400     Raynell Cooper 14400     Me 29200
2-24: Raya Elias-Pushett 15200     Idrees Kahloon 6600     Brandon Welch 15400     Me 25800
2-25: Lindsey Thiesfeld 10000      Kailyn Laporte 25200     Erin Hart 8800     Me 25200

Lindsey Thiesfeld

     Today’s contestants:

Erin Hart

Kailyn LaPorte
     Notice the way Lindsey is waving.  When Mr. Trebek came out, he said he saw the girls practicing that wave before the show.  I thought he then said, “That’s messed up,” but the closed-captioning said, “You won’t ‘fess up.”  He’s more likely to say the latter, I think!
     Just before the first break, Erin, who hails from Michigan, rang in on this clue in U.S. Geography: “In 1847 the Michigan legislature chose this city to succeed Detroit as state capital.”  She responded with “Michigan”!  She quickly changed it to the correct response, but Mr. Trebek had already ruled her wrong.  A little embarrassing, but I think everyone understands.  At the first break, she had 800, Kailyn had 3600, and Lindsey had 2200.
     Speaking of Erin, during her interview she said she “always kinda watched Jeopardy!,” but she didn’t know about the Teen Tournament til her grandmother told her about it!  I wonder how much of the show she watches.
     The Daily Double was finally found by Kailyn in Castles, with one more clue remaining on the board.  Kailyn didn’t need the Daily Double: She had 6800, Erin had 1600, and Lindsey had 4800.  Kailyn wagered 1000 on this clue: “Now a national monument, the Alhambra in this European country was begun by Moorish rulers around 1238.”  Kailyn got it right.  The last clue of the round was a triple-stumper, so Double Jeopardy began with Erin having 1600, Kailyn 7800, and Lindsey 4800.
     Speaking of the Castles category, how did I sweep that and miss two in Current Music? And how and why did I sweep The Rhinoceros in Double Jeopardy?  While I’m at it, why did I miss three in Geometry? 🙁
     I was sweeping Literary Genres when Kailyn found the first Daily Double there.  She had 10600, Erin had 2800, and Lindsey had 5200.  Kailyn wagered 2200 on this clue: “This word can mean a short prose narrative as well as a preliminary drawing.”  Let’s just say my sweep ended there.  Kailyn got it right, though.
     Lindsey found the next Daily Double in Geometry with four clues remaining.  (Thanks for stating that plainly, Mr. Trebek.)  She had 7200 to Kailyn’s 22000, while Erin had 8800.  I’d have wagered a lot more, but Lindsey wagered just 3000 on this clue: “This figure, a quadrilateral with just 1 pair of parallel sides, shares its name with a wrist bone.”  I really, really shouldn’t have missed this one, but I got hung up on the bones and didn’t go far enough toward the hand.  Lindsey got it right, which makes it all
the more painful that she did not risk more.
     Erin still had 8800 at the end of the round, while Kailyn had 25600 and Lindsey had 11400.  Mr. Trebek made a big deal out of predicting that two girls were going to be in the Finals (a female, Raya Elias-Pushett, won yesterday’s game), but he should’ve gotten more specific and predicted that Kailyn would be, as she had a lock on today’s game!
     The Final Jeopardy category was Geographic Terms.  This was the clue: “This area that includes several countries got is name because the colonizers spoke Spanish, French, and Portuguese.”  I didn’t get this one.  Neither did Lindsey, and she lost 10000 (another odd wager from her).  Erin and Kailyn got it right.  We’ll see Kailyn in the Finals.

     I expect to be able to blog about tomorrow night’s weekend episode. Stay tuned.  Good night.