It’s finally happening…

     …The much-hyped three-day “Watson,” “man vs. machine” event.  Turns out it’s actually two games over three days, so that there’s time to explain “Watson” and the events leading up to these matches.  I thought the explanation segments were similar to the episode of Nova that aired last week.
     Speaking of that episode, for those of you who watched it, did you notice anything weird about “Watson” giving the same response that Ken did to this clue in Name the Decade?: “The first modern crossword puzzle is published, and Oreo cookies are introduced.”  I thought this issue was addressed (and fixed): “Watson” answering the same thing another contestant just had.  I loved the look Ken gave “Watson” when it did that!
     I’ll tell you what lived up to my own, internal hype: Seeing Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings playing Jeopardy! again.  They need their pictures here, but here they are anyway:



     These two could have their own version of Jeopardy! where they played every day, and I’d never miss it.  There’s an idea: Brad and Ken vs. a new contestant every day.  I like that a lot….  Any way we can make that happen?

     Here is the visual representation of “Watson”:

     The pace of the game itself (which matters to me) was slow, and they only got through the Jeopardy round today.  There was a commercial break before any clue was even read.  Brad selected first because he won a drawing.  (Did you wonder, like I did, why Brad was in the third lectern, in that case?)  Brad got this first clue right, in Alternate Meanings: “4-letter word for a vantage point or a belief.”  “Watson” got this next one right in the same category: “4-letter word for the iron fitting on the hoof of a horse or a card-dealing box in a casino.”  Then “Watson” selected Literary Characters APB for 800, which was the Daily Double.  “Watson” wagered 1000 on this clue: “Wanted for killing Sir Danvers Carew; appearance – pale and dwarfish; seems to have a split personality.”  “Watson” got it right.  At the next break, Ken had 200, “Watson” had 5200, and Brad had 1000.  But it was clear that it was not like “Watson” knew more than the guys.  It just could ring in first.  (We were told that “Watson” rings in just like the guys, by pressing a buzzer.)  At the end of the round (and day), Ken had 2000 and Brad and “Watson” were tied with 5000.
     What do you guys think so far?
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