Molly didn’t need something “more”

     First, I want to draw your attention to an opportunity to get your “Watson” questions answered: The PBS show “Nova” is taking your questions to be answered by the leader of the Watson team, David Ferrucci.  You have until February 17th.
Coryat scores from Monday, 1-31:
 Johnny Marigliano (I love his accent and style, and I wish he would’ve won!) 7600
 Jean Dupon 4200
 Eureka Nutt 17200
 Me 21800
     Today’s contestants:

Eureka Nutt

Ron Roberts (introduced as a “poker impresario.” ?)

Molly Rosenbusch

     At the first break, Eureka had 2600, Molly had 1000, and Ron had 800.  The first clue after the break was the Daily Double.  Molly found it in Something “More.”  She wagered all of her 1000 on this clue: “This U.S. city was founded in 1729 and named for Charles Calvert.”*  I thought this was a toughie.  At first I didn’t think of the category and answered incorrectly, and this time I counted it wrong.  (In the past, I’d have retracted my answer or tried again before the correct response was revealed.)  Molly didn’t answer.  She made a comeback in the round, though: At the end, she had 5600, Eureka had 4200, and Ron had 2400.  (By the way, I swept Celebrities and Racing in the round.)
     Both of the Daily Doubles were found rather early in the round.  The first one was just 4 clues in, in Science.  Ron found it.  He had 4000, Eureka still had 4200, and Molly had 5000.  Ron wagered 2000 on this clue, read by Kelly of the Clue Crew: “The keys weigh much more than the paperclips, and fall to the ground.  But a pencil acts as this support, pulling the clip sideways where gravity and friction stop the keys’ descent.”*  This one was tough, too!  Ron missed it.
     Molly found the next Daily Double, in Movie Remakes.  She had been on a tear in the round, and had 7400.  Eureka still had 4200, and Ron had 3200.  Molly wagered 3000 on this clue: “This Al Pacino film was a remake of the Italian movie ‘Profumo di Donna.'”*  Like Molly, I knew the answer before Mr. Trebek was done reading the clue.
     Molly kept it up and had a huge lead, with 18800 when the round ended.  Eureka had 9800 and Ron had 3200.  The Final Jeopardy category was 20th Century Leaders, and this was the clue: “In 1950, two years after his murder, some of his ashes were enshrined at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles.”*  Ron and Molly got it right.  Ron added only 200 to his score, while Eureka lost 9700.  (Not sure of Ron’s reasoning, even if he didn’t have much confidence in his strength in the category.)  Molly’s wager was small, too, but it didn’t have to be big: She only had to add 801 to beat Eureka if she doubled.  Molly, then, is your new champion.  My Coryat score today was 17200.  Eureka’s was 9800, Molly’s was 18400, and Ron’s was 5200.
*Baltimore, fulcrum, ‘Scent of a Woman,’ Gandhi

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