An odd clue about an Olympic Oddity

     How about this one in Olympic Oddities, from Day One (February 14th) of the “Watson” matches: “It was the anatomical oddity of U.S. gymnast George Eyser, who won a gold medal on the parallel bars in 1904.”  This was a weird clue, and I’m not surprised that it was a quadruple-stumper.  I wasn’t even sure where to begin to find out more about this.  In fact it seems there’s not much more that needs to be said about it!
     It is worth knowing that those Olympics took place in St. Louis, a fact that surprised me.  I also learned that Eyser, who was born in Germany in 1871, lost his leg after getting run over by a train.  He wore a wooden prosthesis in its place.  Look how strong he looks:

     Eyser’s family moved to the U.S. when he was 14, and he became a citizen in 1894.  On the same day mentioned in the clue, he also won medals in long horse vault, rope climbing, pommel horse, all-around, and horizontal bar.
     Why haven’t we heard more about this guy?  In fact, Wikipedia (I know, I know) doesn’t even have details about his death.  Somebody already tried to do the legwork: You can read more about one guy’s search for information on Eyser’s life and death here.

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