Back in my arms again

     Remember when I blogged from McDonald’s a couple times because my computer was down?  I was shocked to discover today, when my computer guy asked (you know where this is going), that the problem first started back on May 3rd.  Well I finally got my computer back (again) late this afternoon.  Everything’s fine so far, but I don’t feel so sure yet!  I’ll have to remember to copy this entry before I try to publish it – Earlier this week when I tried to publish something, Blogger would ask for my name and password, then my work was lost when it signed me back in.
     Anyway, today was the last day of the two-week Teachers Tournament.  Here are the finalists:

Lori Kissell

Charles Temple

Larry DeMoss

     Like most Jeopardy! tournaments, the Final was held over two days, with the totals from the two days added together to determine the winner.  Yesterday, Lori ended in the lead with 26300, Larry had 7000, and Charles had 18800.
     Did you guys like Mr. Trebek’s pink tie today?  I did:

     Charles found all three Daily Doubles today.  The first was in Notable Educators.  He led with 3800 while Lori had 400 and Larry had 600.  Charles wagered 2000 on this clue: “This high school teacher was involved in a little trial in Dayton, TN in July 1925.”  I knew it right away, and so did he.
     I liked all of the categories in the Jeopardy round, but I was perhaps most excited about Current Music.  What a bummer that two of those clues were left uncovered at the end of the round!  After hearing the teachers’ responses to a couple of the clues, it’s no wonder they went there last.  Let’s just say they are out of touch, and yes I do expect them to know such things!  Larry responded “Madonna” (Madonna?!) to this one: “She’s the flamboyant performer heard here:”[‘Born This Way’ plays]”  (I really regret not knowing how to insert an mp3 in a blog post.  If anyone knows how, please leave a comment and I will add the clip from the clue!]
     To be fair, Larry seemed to know it was wrong when he said it.  Charles got it right, only to respond “Radiohead” (Radiohead!?) to this one: “The British band heard here is spreading inspiration the world over:”[‘The Uprising’ plays]”
     Kind of makes you wonder what the teachers think “current” means.
     Did you guys know this triple-stumper in A Little of the Bubbly?: “In the 1890s pharmacist Caleb Bradham invented this cola drink, known then as ‘Brad’s Drink.'”  I knew it instantly.  I love the stuff.
     At the end of the round, Charles had 7200, Lori had 1400, and Larry had 3400.  Charles had 13600 to Lori’s 4600 and Larry’s 4200 when he found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round in Foreign Film Titles.  He wagered 2500 on this clue: “An 8-hour epic: ‘Voyna I Mir.'”  Both Charles and I got this one at the very last second.
     On this one in Hot Enough for You, I couldn’t decide between Madrid and Barcelona: “Europe’s highest recorded temperature was 122 in 1881 in this Spanish city; it cooled down in time for Expo 1992.” Charles finally guessed Barcelona, so like Lori, I guessed Madrid.  They were both wrong!  Larry didn’t ring in (I wouldn’t have either at that point), and Mr. Trebek said Lori and Charles had narrowed it down for him.  Whatever.
     Charles found the last Daily Double in Detente-tion.  He had a whopping 21300, while Lori and Larry were tied at 3800.  Charles wagered 2000 on this clue: “Detente tension flared when this country was invaded in 1979; you’d think that would never happen again.”  Charles got it right.  At the end of the round, he had a tight lock on the game had this been a one-day final.  He had 24500, Larry had 7000, and Lori had 4600.  This was the clue in Monarchs: “In March 2011 he gave his first televised speech in 22 years on the throne, saying he hoped things would get better.”  It was a triple-stumper, and I got it!  I have to admit the name was a bit of a guess.  Larry said the right title but Jeopardy! wanted the name.  He lost all of his 7000, and Lori lost all of her 4600, so they had their 7000 and 26300, respectively, from yesterday.  Charles lost 125, (like $125.00), giving him a two-day total of 43175 and making him the champion.  How do you guys think he’ll do in the Tournament of Champions?  I thought Lori was the strongest overall and would win this tournament.  I think Charles should hit the books in anticipation of the tournament.  (And listen to the radio!)