French Closed

     It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged.  But let me assure you, I have been busy, related to Jeopardy!  I’m not sure what makes this year different from past ones, but I have been motivated enough to study, and I mean really study for the in-person test next month, and especially a possible appearance on the show.  Friends are even helping me out: a co-worker gave me a bigger and more attractive 3-ring binder to hold my study materials (more on that in a minute).  Another co-worker who is recovering from hip surgery read me some clues from a Jeopardy! quiz book, and liked it!  My mom has read me some trivia questions, too.  I didn’t realize how many books of trivia questions I had until I packed them up for when I was going to see her.
     As for the binder: I got that idea from a mention by Alison Stone Roberg on the Jeopardy! message boards.  I don’t know exactly how she used hers, and at first I didn’t really know how I’d use mine.  But it’s coming together now.  For one thing, I’ve been printing and playing Jeopardy! games from  (I’m starting with David Madden‘s games.)  I keep track of my Coryat scores, and I’ve also indicated which clues I either passed on or didn’t get right.  I reviewed those clues today and I intend to until I get them down.  I’ve also put, so far, one set of Jeopardy! “Pavlovs” I got from the message boards.  (You see a word in the clue and it brings to mind what may be the correct response.  Example: fountain of youth = Ponce de Leon.)  Finally, I’ve put some History Bee and Bowl questions in there.  I like the set-up, and I expect it will change as time goes by.
     I’m even skipping watching the French Open on TV, in favor of studying.  That’s a challenge and a big sacrifice for me, especially now that John McEnroe is providing commentary on the Tennis Channel.  But I know it will pay off, and that’s what keeps me doing that.  It feels pretty good, and it’s working.  Case in point: Would you believe that today’s episode featured a presidential nickname that I read about only a few hours before?  (In this case, though, I’d already known the right response because of the other part of the clue.)  The category was Crazy 8s, and this was the clue: “This ‘Little Magician’ was our 8th president.”
     Today’s contestants:

Joseph Tambornino

Matt Neville

Cindy Clark

     I was happy about the spelling category in the Jeopardy round.  As expected, the contestants went there last.  This time, Mr. Trebek provided the word to be spelled for the contestants.  Joseph almost swept the category, but he spelled “rendezvous” with an “s” on the 1000 clue.
     Cindy found the Daily Double in the round immediately after getting out of the hole.  (She still had 0.)  The category was Classic Monopoly Tokens.  Matt had 6000 and Joseph had 3200 at the time.  Cindy wagered 1000 on this clue: “It’s also a classic combat game from Milton Bradley.”  She got it right and boy did she look thrilled!  She even sounded like she was laughing when she selected the next clue.
     At the end of the round, Matt still had 6000, Cindy had 2000, and Joseph had 4200.
     Cindy found the next Daily Double, too, in Mother Jones Said.  She had 6400, Matt had 16800, and Joseph had 1800.  Cindy wagered 3000 on this clue: “‘On their sides the workers had only’ this document; ‘the other side had bayonets.'”  Cindy got it right.
     Joseph found the other Daily Double, the last clue of the round, in New York Public Library.  He had just 1400, Matt had 19200, and Cindy had 10200.  I didn’t like Joseph’s attitude as he wagered.  He shrugged as if to say, “Eh, whatever,” when he wagered 500.  It was like it was an amount he randomly chose.  Perhaps he was flustered because he had forgotten to phrase his response in the form of a question on the previous clue.  Anyway, this was the clue, which in my opinion was too easy for the 2000 spot: “Among books that don’t circulate is an 1866 volume inscribed by this British author to the little girl who inspired his work.”  Here are two images that went with the clue:



     Joseph got it right.

     The Final Jeopardy category was Medicine.  This was the clue: “In 1964 a dean at Tufts’ Medical School wrote a modern version of this used at many medical school graduations.”  I thought this was too easy, too, and sure enough all three contestants seemed to get it right comfortably.  Joseph wagered 900, Cindy wagered 6000, and Matt wagered 5000.  I wonder how each came up with their wagers.  ?  Anyway, this was Matt’s third win, and we’ll see him again tomorrow.

     My Coryat score today was 17000.  Matt‘s was 19200, Cindy’s was 8600, and Joseph’s was 3400.  Here are my Coryats from the last week:
5-17: Ramesh Mantha 4800     Lisa Bloomberg 26600     Joyce Newmark 14400     Me 15400
5-18: Flora Peir 10200     Gary Rosche 3800     Lisa Bloomberg 16600     Me 19200
5-19: Beverly Jones 10800     Matt Neville 18400     Lisa Bloomberg 10600     Me 26000

5-20: Tracey Davidson 17800     Adam Kapp 12200     Matt Neville 8400     Me 16600