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     This entry will more closely resemble a post on the Jeopardy! message boards, as I am headed back to work tonight and don’t have quite as much time. 
     Another great show today.  My Coryat score was 24400, but it could’ve been higher.  I thought I’d be totally “fair” and not count things (possibly Tip O’Neill, Regis Philbin, marrying a brother’s widow, Northwest Passage, and railroad crossing) that I would’ve gotten had I maintained focus and not thought about recent clues.
     I doubt I’d have gotten the clue about Michele Bachmann had I not watched the debate the other night.
     I swept Kings, Queens, and Jacks.  I loved Houdini; I read a book about him once and find him interesting.  I only missed the 200 one about being born in Budapest.
     I was so excited about Nick Condon‘s true Daily Double (5000) that I sent him a private tweet at that moment saying, “Good for you!”  (I didn’t want to spoil anything for anyone else at the time.)
     Did anybody get that “High Rollers” clue?  I’d think I’d heard of Ruta Lee from my Jeopardy! studies, but would not have gotten it today.
     Did they applaud Michael Vlach even though he didn’t sweep Bands by Lead Singer?  I got them all except the first one; I said “Aerosmith” instead of “Journey.”
     I didn’t get any in Exploration right.  Ouch. 
     Good thing Nick, an avid photographer, got the “camera” clue right!
     Did you guys see the announcement that Mr. Trebek is getting a lifetime achievement award at the Daytime Emmys?
      Nick had a lock on the game going into the Final.  (I thought the Final was easy, by the way.)  We’ll see him tomorrow.  Nick‘s Coryat was 19800, Michael’s was 9800, and John Mingey’s was 10600.

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