Besides answering some Trivial Pursuit questions from my mom today, and playing Jeopardy! on the Nintendo while I walked on the treadmill, I played 5 recent weekend episodes.  I did consider playing them standing up to build my stamina, as was recommended my someone on the Jeopardy! message boards, but decided against it.  After playing them in a row, I think it demanded stamina anyway.
     Twice while I played I found myself saying to my mom, “Can you believe I answered that?”  Things I never would’ve answered before studying for the Jeopardy! test in recent weeks.  I came across two clues today (one on the Nintendo) that had to do with amendments: “What is the 22nd amendment?” and “What is bail?” (about the 8th amendment)  I’m so proud, and I’m gonna keep it up.
     Here are my Coryats:
originally 3-9-10: Shelby Sadler 13600     Becki Norris 3200     Vijay Balse 18200     Me 17600
     (I see I played this game on my Jeopardy Challenger when it first aired.)
originally 3-11-10: Ryan Stander 16800     Leslie Sommer 7400     Cyd Musni 17000     Me 24200
     (I blogged about this episode when it originally aired.  It hit me when Cyd said, “Deo Volente” in response to a Daily Double.  I remembered how that puzzled me at the time, and still kinda does.
     I played the next three games on my Jeopardy Challenger, too, when they first aired.)
originally 3-23-10: Colin McClain 10200    Regina Robbins 18000    Kristian Zoerhoff 19200     Me 25800
originally 3-24-10: Derek Honore 16000     Tatiana Walton 11200     Regina Robbins 11600     Me 20400
originally 3-25-10: Sean Burns 11800     Susan Malmo 10400     Regina Robbins 10600     Me 18000 
     My Jeopardy! audition is Monday.  And don’t forget to watch Nicholas Condon on Jeopardy! that day!