Tonight’s gonna be such a good night

     When this entry publishes, I will just be finishing up the Jeopardy! audition in Kansas City.  Of course I am eager to tell you all about it when I can. 
     Also today, Nick Condon‘s highly-anticipated episode airs.  I can’t wait to watch it myself!  Have a look at Nick’s blog – He writes, among other things, about the odds of a person making it into the Tournament of Champions.  This makes me suspicious that we may see him at the next Tournament.  Also, Nick took part in the pub quiz that was part of the National History Bowl/unofficial Jeopardy! reunion.  (Incidentally, speaking of the National History Bowl, today is David Madden‘s birthday.)  I came into town the next day, but that weekend I spoke to someone who was at the pub quiz.  He said emphatically that we “don’t know” how well Nick did on Jeopardy!, but he said it in such a way that it could be assumed he did well.  (I guess you had to be there.)  Anyway, here is your space to discuss Nick’s appearance on the show.

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