Hip and happening

     Like yesterday, I’m not able to blog about tonight’s episode.  I’m getting my hair and toenails done in preparation for my Jeopardy! audition Monday.  After that I’m going to visit my friend who’s recovering from hip surgery, and she’s going to read me some more clues.  After that it’s home-sweet-home, where I’ll get caught up on several weeks’ worth of weekend episodes of Jeopardy!  Then the long-anticipated audition Monday!  I can’t wait to give you the deets.  In the meantime, I wanted to give you a space to talk about today’s episode.
     You’ll probably hear from me one more time before the audition, but in case not, please watch Nick Condon on Monday’s Jeopardy!  The Jeopardy! fan community is buzzing a little bit about him and I for one am expecting big things.