Blame it on the rain

     I hadn’t planned to write a full recap tonight because I’m probably working.  Today, as it turns out, is a good day for that for three reasons:
1) Dumb tornado warnings pre-empted two or three clues of the Jeopardy round, and all but two clues of the Double Jeopardy round.  Weird as it sounds, a tornado warning even pre-empted the tornado warning.  That is, the warning that shuts off your recording interrupted the TV weather guy.
2) The Jeopardy round did not go well for me.
3) I realized at the last minute I hadn’t printed out a blank Coryat scoresheet and had to make an imperfect one on a notebook.
     I did get to see the Final, though, and was surprised to see after the clue that Danielle Harlow wasn’t there! I’ll be eager to read your input in the comments as to what happened.  I assume she didn’t drop dead. 😉
     I know many people raved about “The King’s Speech,” including my parents who I trust about such things.  I didn’t see it, though, because I don’t like to listen to stuttering.  It sorta stresses me out.  And I wouldn’t have come up with the correct response today based on the other hints in the clue.  Sam Fleming missed today’s Final and Jay Rhee got it right, so we’ll see him tomorrow.

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