For Peter’s Sake

     I wasn’t planning on blogging tonight after seeing today’s episode, partly because I met my mom and dad for a picnic and swimming about 70 miles from where I live.  But long-time reader Peter asked me if I would blog about these last two episodes of the season, so I will.
     Today’s contestants:

Cathy Markwiese

Ryan Fox

Justin Sausville

     Ryan won yesterday.  Today, Mr. Trebek started the show by saying he is “emotional” and “demonstrative.”
     The Jeopardy round started just wrong for me, with Quarterback University.  I missed all but one, including “Vince Young.”  I responded with what I realized I should have for the next clue: “Steve Young.”  I didn’t get any others right and in fact they were way over my head.
     A always-smiley Justin found the Daily Double in The “N” Crowd.  He had 3000, Ryan had 2600, and Cathy had 600.  Justin wagered 1500 on this clue: “He not only won the 1971 Nobel Prize for Literature, he also served in the Chilean Senate.”  Justin and I both got this one right away. 
     At the first break I had only 6/15.  Ryan had 3000, Justin had 5500, and Cathy still had 600.  At the end of the round, Justin was kicking butt with 12100, while Ryan had 2800 and Cathy had 1000.  Overall in the round, I was 13/30. 
     Double Jeopardy went better for me.  I swept Books and Movies, and I got 4/5 in Boning Up (just said “green” for “greenstick”) and “Big” Stuff (missed “big toe” and shouldn’t have).  Overall I went 21/30.
     Justin found the first Daily Double in Julius Caesar Salad, immediately after flubbing a clue which they gave him anyway: “In Spanish the name becomes this, as on former boxing champion Chavez.”  Justin said “Cesar,” then “Julio,” when they wanted “Julio Cesar.”  He had 17700 to wager on the Daily Double, while Ryan had 4800 and Cathy still had 1000.  Justin wagered 2300 on this softball: “This 5-word line spoken by the soothsayer is a quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar.'”  Justin and I both got it right immediately. 
     Ryan swept The Sanders of Time and had 16000 when he found the Daily Double in Boning Up.  Justin had 24800 and Cathy still had 1000.  He wagered 4200 on this clue: “This bone with a ball-and-socket joint at one end if about 1/4 of your height.”  I knew this one instantly, but Ryan missed it! 🙁  He could not recover, even though he threw out a guess on the very last clue because he needed it to get within striking distance of Justin.  They ended the round with: Ryan 11400, Justin 27200, Cathy 1800.
     The Final Jeopardy category was World History.  This was the clue: “Surus was the last known one of these to survive a mountain crossing in the 3rd century B.C.”  All of the contestants got it right, and so did I.  Cathy added 1798, Ryan added 7400, and Justin added 2800.  After yesterday’s episode I’m a little surprised Ryan didn’t win.  We will see Justin tomorrow!  My Coryat today was 24800.  Cathy‘s was 1800, Justin’s was 25800 (wow!), and Ryan’s was 15600.
     By the way, I noticed “Alex Trebek” was trending on Twitter last night.  I checked it out, and here’s a story in case you didn’t hear about it.
     Also, a heads-up: The season ends tomorrow, which means the Summer Hiatus Challenge on the Jeopardy! message boards is upon us.  C’mon, guys.  Play, play, play!

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