Okay, as promised: a review of some former Jeopardy! champs who are playing the Summer Hiatus Challenge on the Jeopardy! message boards.  I can’t believe I haven’t done this since August 21st.  As of today, the only scores posted for Week 6 are Day 1.  The clues that day were really easy, so everyone did well.  (Notice no one had an incorrect response.)  Check out the link above and see how you’d do.
                                                                      correct     incorrect     no response    
Bill MacDonald (Rex Kramer)                            10               0                      0                   
Paul Wampler (paul5562)                                    10              0                       0                                         
Buddy Wright (aggiebud)                                       10              0                       0                  
Ryan Chaffee (mrbungle)                                    10               0                       0
Stefan Goodreau (seaborgium)                           10               0                       0
Alison Stone Roberg (Asphodel)                       10               0                        0
Me (thejeopardyfan)                                            9               3                        1
Nick Condon (njcondon)                                    7               0                       3
Megan Barnes (Rafferty Barnes)                       5               0                      5                   
Liz Murphy (emurphy)                                        [didn’t play]                      
Hans von Walter (hanzz)                                     [didn’t play]                                     
     Someone else will be blogging here for me when the Challenge ends.  I might suggest he post the final results, or it will wait until I’m back.
     Recent Coryats:
originally 5-10-11: Charley Tinkham 11600     Lori Kissell 18000     John Shoe 17000     Me 37600
     (My Coryat the first time I watched this episode was 30200!)
originally 11-4-05:
     Maria Wenglinsky 20400     Shelley Fellner-Rosenberg 6800     Kari Russ 7800     Me 11400
originally 11-7-05: Christopher Chilton 3200     Beth Cimini 16800     Antonia Wang 6800     Me 23200

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