A cardinal sin

     Today’s contestants:

Jason Keller

Doug Davies (How tall do you suppose this guy is? I’m gonna guess at least 6’7″.)

Karen Hedlund (A nursing tutor!)

     Jason was back for his third game today after barely escaping yesterday.  The day started out right for me when I got this first clue, a triple-stumper, in Classic Novels: “In this novel, Lucy Westenra ‘went to the window and looked out, but could see nothing, except a big bat.'”  I went on to sweep the category!
     Did you join Doug and I in responding “amber” to this clue in Colors?: “This secondary color is in the third line of ‘America the Beautiful.'”  Mr. Trebek paused there, and I’m not sure why!  Karen picked it up, and the next clue was the Daily Double in the same category.  She had 3200, Jason had 2800, and Doug had 800.  Karen wagered 1800 on this clue: “The name of this deep red also means ‘of prime importance.'”  We seemed to have an eternity to come up with the correct response, but I didn’t, and neither did Karen.  Since when is the correct response a “deep” red?  I’d say it’s more like the color of Karen’s shirt.  “Deep” is more like the color of Jason’s shirt. (Thanks for demonstrating, you too!)  I got curious and looked up the color in my dictionary.  I swear this is what it says: “a variable color averaging a vivid red that is yellower and duller than madder crimson or carmine, bluer and duller than scarlet or Castilian red, and duller than apple red.”
     I wanted to sweep Papal People, and I would have but for this too-tricky clue: “1914: XV.” (Hint: This was the second clue in the category, and the correct response to the first clue was our current Pope.)
     At the end of the round, Karen had 3800, Jason had 6200, and Doug had 2800.
     Jason found the first Daily Double in the Double Jeopardy round, in Making a “List.”  He had 7800, Karen had 4200, and Doug had 3600.  Did it seem to you that Jason didn’t want to respond too quickly on this clue?: “Adjective for the medical philosophy of treating the entire person, mind & body, not just the part that’s ailing.”
     I swept Making a “List” and Have a Wonderful Wedding, and was 11/11 in the first clues of the round!
     Did you notice something amiss in the response to this clue in Checking It Twice?: “From the Latin for ‘two,’ it’s a man who gets married without bothering to divorce his first wife.” Karen seemed to say “bigamous,” and that’s how it was spelled on my closed-caption.  And uh oh: The next clue was the Daily Double!  I thought they’d fix it, but they didn’t.  Karen then had 5800, Doug had 5600, and Jason had 14200!  Karen wagered 2500 on this clue in the same category: “This constitutional amendment uses the phrase ‘twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”  Karen got it wrong.
     I got these two triple-stumpers: In YuleTube: “A dog mishears a Christmas lyric: ‘_____, the Other Reindeer.” The audience groaned, but I did not think that was too tough!  I knew it from working at ShopKo in college.  And in Zoom In for a Close-Up:

     At the end of the round, Jason had a lock on the game with 22600, while Karen had 6100 and Doug had 7600.  The Final Jeopardy category was Poets.  This was the clue: “While north of his homeland he was inspired to write perhaps his greatest work, ‘Alturas de Macchu Picchu.'” This was an “instaget” for me.  Karen missed it but did not wager anything.  Doug got it and added 4601.  Jason, too, got it right, and added 2400.  We’ll see him tomorrow!
     My Coryat today was 32000!  Yesterday, mine was 27400.  It’s a good week.