Who’s the Boss?

     First, a little reminder: Starting Tuesday, January 3rd, GSN is going to air Jeopardy! every. Single. Day.  It’s anybody’s guess what episodes will be shown.  It’s on at 1 a.m. Central. 
     By the way, I’m still taking your questions for Stefan Goodreau.
     Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of watching the show at my mom and dad’s.  Today, they were at my place when we watched!  Today’s contestants:

Dave Leach

Tom Vanderbilt

Lisa Spardel-Krol

     Lisa’s expression pretty much illustrates how her day went.  Check this one out, from Jeopardy!‘s official site:

Lisa Spardel-Krol

     Dave, who unseated Jason Keller yesterday, looked like he was having a great time throughout, smiling or even laughing.  At the first break, he had 5400, Lisa had -800, and Tom had 1400.
     This was a tale of two rounds, for me and all three contestants.  I did well in the Jeopardy round, sweeping Complete the Movie Quote and “A”natomy.  I was pleased to see the latter, as I am an RN.  I was also happy to see Museums of Germany, because I’ve been there a couple times.  I went 4/5 in that category, and my dad got this last one in the round: “This city’s Bavarian National Museum was created in 1855 by Maximilian II to preserve Bavaria’s artistic treasures.”  (We were just in this city this fall!)  Lisa found the Daily Double in that category, after answering two in a row.  She had 200, Dave had 6400, and Tom had 3800.  She wagered 1000 on this clue: “A Mainz museum honoring this most famous son traces the history of printing & has a replica of his press on display.”  Lisa misspoke, responding “Nuremberg.”  At the end of the round, she had 200, Dave had 9200, and Tom had 3800.
     There were two quadruple-stumpers in the Jeopardy round, both in Silent Letters.  I got 24 right in the round, with no negs.  As for Double Jeopardy…Wow.  For kicks (and because I answered 6 right in the round), I kept track of how many each contestant answered.  (My Coryat today was 14800.  And I think I described yesterday as “disappointing.”)  Here’s how it looks:
Dave: 10 right, 2 negs
Lisa: 1 right, 0 negs
Tom: 4 right, 2 negs (not counting an incorrect response on his Daily Double)
     I count 10 quadruple-stumpers in the round, including this first clue, in Think of the Children!: “Victoria & Albert: Alice, Alfred, Arthur, Beatrice, Helena, Louise, Leopold, Victoria Adelaide, & this king.”  No one rang in on this one, but I negged.  The next one was a quaduple-stumper, too, in the same category.  Who knew this, I’d like to know: “Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd: Edward, Willie, Tad, and this boy, the only one to survive to adulthood.”
     Poor Tom did the right thing by wagering all of his 4200 on the Daily Double in On Deck.  Dave had 9200 and Lisa had 200.  Too bad Tom missed it, though.  The clue: “A type of walk, or an upper deck on a passenger ship where folks can stroll.”  My mom said the right response, but I still thought it was wrong, what she said, til Mr. Trebek revealed the correct response!
     Dave was outright laughing when he found his Daily Double in National Parks of the World.  He had…wait for it…18800 while Lisa had 1800 and Tom had 0.  Dave wagered “just” 3000 on this clue: “The largest national park lies on this island; At 375,000 square miles, it occupies about 45% of the island’s area.”  Dave and my dad got it right.  Mr. Trebek announced that there was a minute left to go.  Four clues were left covered.  Dave ended with 19800, Lisa with 1800, and Tom with 400.  (Hopefully he sold some of his book about traffic.)  The Final Jeopardy category was Rock Icons.  This was the clue: “While he’s had 12 top 10 hits on Billboard, including 7 from a 1984 album, he’s never had a no. 1 single.”  My mom got this right, but no one else did.  Tom lost everything.  Lisa lost 10 dollars.  Dave lost 716.
     I said to my mom I knew what I was going to title this blog entry (a reference to the final) and she goes, “‘Mother knows all’?”  Noooo…but she had a better day than the contestants!

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