Mixing it up

     I’ve gotten some excellent suggestions for questions to ask Stefan Goodreau when I interview him.  Do you have any ideas?  (Not that I’m hurtin’ for ’em!)
     Today’s contestants:

Jason Keller

Dave Leach

Jennifer Green

     Jennifer mixed up the Hatfields with the intended response to this clue in Kentucky Kernels: “Half of a deadly feud, this family lived primarily in Kentucky; their rivals, in West Virginia.”  (I waited until someone answered incorrectly before I responded!)  Dave looked pleased to pick that one up.
     Does anyone else mix up Davy Crockett with the subject of this clue in Kentucky Kernels?: “In 1775, he blazed a trail through Kentucky that became known as the Wilderness Road.”
     The contestants appeared evenly matched by the first break, or at least everyone was responding.  Jason had 2000, Jennifer had 600, and Dave had 2600.
     I swept That Smells…Like a Celebrity!  Dave committed a sin when he mixed up A-Rod with the subject of this clue in that category: “Everyone nose this Yankee shortstop is ‘Driven’; Now no one can ever say he stinks.”
     Then Dave mixed up (what he called ) “Alice in Wonderland” with the correct response to this clue in Children’ Lit: “Chapter I of this Lewis Carroll book says, ‘The glass was beginning to melt away, just like a bright silvery mist.”  Jennifer picked it up, only to mix up “The Secret Garden” with the response to this clue in the same category: “Sara Crewe is the little title character of this classic by Frances Hodgson Burnett.”  Believe it or not, the next clue had a mix-up, too.  Jennifer said “The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar” in response to this clue: “A ravenous insect larva consumes a ton of food and undergoes metamorphosis in this classic by Eric Carl.”
     Like Jason, I considered “stable” (I didn’t ring in though) instead of the correct response to this clue in Official British Royal Posts: “Not the master of the house, but the master of the this is responsible for the sovereign’s carriages and certain animals.”  The mix-up cost Jason the tie with Dave for the lead right before Dave got the Daily Double, the last clue of the round, in the same category.  Jason had 3000, Jennifer had 2200, and Dave had 3800.  Dave wagered 2000 on this clue: “Edmund Halley was the second this ‘royal’, from 1720 to 1742.”  Dave and I got it right.
     Jennifer found the first Daily Double in the round, in Daylight Come.  She had 8200 while Jason had 5800 and Dave had 16200.  I’d have wagered it all, but she wagered 3000 on this clue: “When in Rome, Eos, goddess of dawn, went by this name.”  She and I got it right.
     I felt like Jason seemed desperate when he went to a 2000 clue after getting the clue after the Daily Double right.  Then he rolled right over Mr. Trebek when he gave the less-than-a-minute warning (7 clues left).  Soon he was hammering the buzzer and looking at Dave, at the same time.  But he capitalized on this mix-up by Dave in Me Wanna Go Home: “Got sunburned visiting the beach of this most populous Brazilian city; home please!”  He moved into second place on this clue in the same category: “The summers are nice in this capital of Manitoba–That’s when I should have come. Me wanna go home.”  Then he found the Daily Double, in The Third Most Popular Presidential Choice.  He had 11800, Jennifer had 11200, and Dave had 19000.  For a second I thought Jason’s wager would’ve determined whether this was a runaway for Dave.  Since it would not have, I’d have wagered more than Jason’s 3000.  This was the clue: “Strom Thurmond.”  Jason missed it.  That was the last clue of the round, mercifully (as there were only clues left in this tough category)!  Poor Jason, though.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Contemporary American Writers.  Concluding a 4-book series, his 2004 novel ‘Folly and Glory’ features Kit Carson, William Clark, and Jim Bowie.”  Jason lost 7000 of his 8800.  (I’d have wagered 6800.)  Jennifer left a letter out of what would’ve been a correct response, and lost 11198.  (I’d have wagered 4400.)  Dave missed it too, but lost 3401.  He is still a champion today.  My guess was Graham Greene, who I find out too late is British, and he died in 1991.
     My Coryat today was a disappointing 20200.
     Jason’s now tied for third place (with Dan Pawson) for most consecutive wins in the regular season.  Who thinks Mr. Trebek will refer to Dave as a “giant-killer” tomorrow?  I wonder if Jason would consider going to the unofficial Jeopardy! reunion this year…? 😉