Smart Guys Finish Second

     I’m quite happy.  Not only was today’s episode really good, but I actually got through it uninterrupted, AND I can get wi-fi in the hospital room of the person I’m visiting.  That, and she’s feeling a lot better.  Vamos!  This recap will be abbreviated, then, but you’ll forgive me!     Betsy Schroeder returned after steam-rolling the boys yesterday.  Her opponents were Daniel Hodge and Amy Stephenson.  (BIG props to for having most of this episode on their site already.)
     My Coryat felt higher than 20400, but that’s what it was.  The Jeopardy round was especially good to me.  I swept You Might “B” HungryState Songs was a category, but I knew Nebraska’s, with its title “Beautiful Nebraska,” would not be a correct response!  I knew 3/5, but they were all gettable.
     At the first break, Betsy had 2000, Daniel had 2600, and Amy had 2200.  Mr. Trebek mentioned Bob Harris just before Amy’s interview, and I said to the person I’m visiting, “I know Bob Harris!”  Then Mr. Trebek said Amy knows him!
     Three clues were left covered in the Jeopardy round.  Mr. Trebek noted that the contestants were still “not too far apart”: Betsy had 3600, Daniel had 5800, and Amy had 3200.
     In contrast to yesterday, there were only three quadruple-stumpers in the Double Jeopardy round. (That still sounds like a lot!)  Like Daniel, I fell into the “Time Traveler” trap on this one in Possessive Book Titles: “Kim Edwards: ‘The ______ ______’s Daughter.'” It was the only one I missed in the admittedly easy category.
     The person I’m with got my eternal respect (okay, she already had it) when she nailed the “Robert Young” quadruple-stumper in I Played a Doctor and Some Other Guy on TV.  (Unfortunately it’s not on the archive just yet!)
     How was this softball at the bottom of Legal Matters, when those three toughies preceded it?: “The 1896 case of Homer Plessy v. this judge set the precedent of ‘separate but equal’ facilities.”
     I’d picked up a N.Y. Times today, and there was an ad for Jeopardy! that said one of the categories today would be U.S. Population.  So I was surprised when it didn’t come up in Double Jeopardy, but it wound up being the Final category.  Regrettably, the final clue is not yet on the j-archive site, but it was something like, These two states that are next to each other experience the biggest population growth…I remember the percentages 35% and 25%, but I don’t remember the time frame.  Anyway, I got it right instantly!  It was a guess the whole time, though.  Betsy and Daniel got it wrong, and Amy got it right.  Amy wins.  We feel bad for Daniel.  He had a couple of good gets especially in Double Jeopardy and we thought he deserved to win.  (“Khachaturian”? “Mehta”? “the fourth wall”?)  I’m adding him to my list of people I want to have a second chance.  He makes eight.  I asked the person I’m visiting to help me come up with a title for today’s entry (she’s good at that kind of thing), and she came right up with what you see above.  I tell you, eternal respect! 🙂
    Yesterday I announced that I’m going to train for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament again. I’ve got it on the brain, and I have lots of questions.  There seem to be an infinite number of crossword puzzle blogs, and this will never become one, rest assured! I planned to post all my questions here since I didn’t know which blog to consult, but I asked Joon Pahk the same questions and it seems he’s really come through.  (I haven’t had a chance to read everything thoroughly yet!)  Thank you, Joon!  I’m gonna start a 3-ring binder, like I did for Jeopardy!, with resources I pick up along the way.
     My Coryat for this GSN rerun was 27400.

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