“Give me” a break

     Recent Coryats:
originally 12-28-05 (featuring a contestant from Grand Island, NE!): 13000
originally 12-29-05: 15800
1-30-12: 24200
originally 10-7-05: 13600
1-31-12: 6400 (Ouch!) I feel like I have to admit I could’ve blogged last night. I just didn’t have much to say on the episode, and it has nothing to do with my Coryat. Honestly.
     Speaking of “ouch,” I had pen/buzzer in hand and Coryat sheet ready this morning, only to see that last night’s GSN episode was a Back to School Week episode.  I didn’t play, therefore, and I won’t be playing those in the coming days.
     At the beginning of today’s episode, I thought I didn’t have much to say about it, either. But at the end, it took me three tweets to share my results with my friend Robert. Today kicked off the College Tournament, featuring the same theme song as last time, it seems. The contestants:

Carrie Tian

Weston Mangin

Charlie Rooney

     Were you annoyed by Weston’s “Give me…” before choosing a category? He must’ve planned to say that each time he selected – He was so eager that he actually started to say, “Give me formaldehyde” instead of “What is formaldehyde?” when responding to a clue with that response. At the first break, he had 4200, Charlie had 1200, and Carrie had 2600.
     At the end of the round, I had swept Famous Expressions and Children’s Books. I thought I had missed this one, but a boardie said Weston’s response actually should’ve been negged, so I’m counting mine right: “In chapter VIII of this favorite, our heroes take a trip through the deadly poppy field.” Weston said “The Wizard of Oz,” and I said “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” I got 4/5 in every other category in the round. I missed, from left to right: “Ghost Protocol,” “tag,” “frequency,” “Volkswagen.” Weston had 7400, Charlie had 7200, and Carrie had 2800.  But Weston and Charlie’s was not to last.
     How was this a triple-stumper, in I Married a Singer (and at the top of the category?! And among college students?!): “Singer Gavin Rossdale: No doubt, this singer and designer.”  “Avril LaVigne,” Carrie?! The contestants moved to another category and didn’t come back to this one til there was nothing left! There were two more triple-stumpers in the category, both of which I nailed to the wall:

  • “Actress Kimberly Williams: This country cutie.”
  • “Actor Eddie Cibrian: This country sweetheart.” (I hope Charlie’s reading this – I’d like to know his train of thought: “Dolly Parton”?!)

     I’d have swept the category, but here’s what happened on this clue: “MTV VJ Vanessa Minnillo: This former ‘Newlywed’ & host of ‘The Sing-Off.'” I knew it was Nick Lachey, 100%. But before Mr. Trebek was done reading the clue, I thought “Lachey” would not be enough because of Drew. So when it was time to ring in I was thinking about Drew, and I said, “Who is Drew Lachey?” I assure you, I absolutely knew it was Nick Lachey, but I still counted it wrong for misspeaking.
   This is probably not a big deal to anybody else, but I was proud to get this one right when I probably wouldn’t have before preparing for Jeopardy!: In It’s a Watery World: “In area, this body of water is the smallest of its quintet.”

     This is the only other one I got right in the category: “Named for a Dutch explorer, this sea exceeds 3 miles in depth and is known for its unpredictable storms.”

     Weston seemed to start his hot streak here, answering the bottom three clues in this category. Then he picked up a cool 2000 and 4800 on Daily Doubles. He also had a nasty get or two. (“Hesperides,” anyone?) To be be fair, it looked like Carrie and Charlie were trying to ring in like crazy a few times.
     I was proud to get this triple-stumper in African Americans, also from studying for the show: “His 1912 autobiography ‘A Negro Explorer at the North Pole’ includes a foreword by Robert Peary.”
     I definitely would’ve expected to get more than one in 12-letter Words, but this is the only one I got: “It’s when family and friends gather to tell an addict about his problem & firmly ask him to get help.”
     So at the end of the round, Weston had 29400, Charlie had 10800, and Carrie had 4800. The Final Jeopardy category was Word Origins. This was the clue: “For the Arabic for ‘storehouse,’ in 1731 it was first used to refer to a monthly storehouse of information.” No one got the correct response, myself included. Charlie and Carrie had their final amounts to consider, which Mr. Trebek pointed out quite plainly. They wagered all but a dollar, though, so it’s basically curtains for them, but Mr. Trebek said they did the right thing! ?
     My Coryat today was 32400. I don’t know about you, but I can already see this Weston dude in the ToC.  We’ll “C.”

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