Egg on their faces

     Today’s contestants:

Connie Shi

Jaime Alayon

Anne Rozek

     Have you ever heard anyone pronounce “Jaime” like Mr. Trebek does, with the emphasis on the second syllable? He started out hot, Jaime, by sweeping Band Name Adjectives. Anne and Connie each got one right before Connie found the Daily Double in You’re Historical. Mr. Trebek noted it was “a bit early for you to find it.” The implication in my mind was that Jaime could’ve capitalized! Connie wagered 1000 on this clue: “This explorer and courtier for whom a state capital is named actually spelled his last name without an ‘i.'”

     She and I got it right. At the end of the round, Connie had 4400, Anne had 400, and Jaime had 9600.
     After the Jeopardy round, my friend Robert tweeted me that he thought this game was harder than a ToC game! The Jeopardy round had been average for me, so I was wondering what Double Jeopardy would be like. It seemed average for me too, but my Coryat turned out higher.
     I was pleased to see this clue in The Sophomore Jinx: “In 2004 Bobby Crosby hit 22 HRs for this ‘Moneyball’ team; 9 in 2005 didn’t give much bang for the buck.” I had this book reserved at the library, and I just picked it up today. (Has anybody read it?) I’m not sure I’d have gotten this if I hadn’t seen the movie. But maybe.
     What was with the weeny wagering by the girls in Double Jeopardy? Connie found the first Daily Double in “Post” Graduate. She had 8400, Anne had 6800, and Jaime had 17600. Why did she wager only 1600? And after answering the previous two in the same category. Anyway, here was the clue, which she seemed to know as soon as she read the clue: “William Barry in 1829 was the first & Winton Blount in 1969 was the last to be this as a cabinet member.”
     And why did Anne wager just 2000 on her Daily Double in Entrance Exam? The clue was in the 800 spot. She had 10400, Jaime had 18400, and Connie had 8000.  Here’s the clue: “The Anne Boleyn gatehouse at Hampton Court is in this historic architectural style.” Anne and I guessed the same thing, and we were wrong.

     I picked up this triple-stumper in Fresh, Man: “The 18th C. book ‘Art of Cookery’ says a fresh one of these will sink in water & a rotten one will float.” Anne’s response of “grape” was almost but not quite as good as yesterday‘s “Dolly Parton” response.
     Everyone who’s taped Jeopardy! – and stayed at the hotel, that is – knows the answer to this next clue in the same category: “Every Doubletree hotel bakes these fresh daily & gives one to each arriving guest.” My sister and I were happy recipients in December.
     I said “avocado” for this last clue of the round, in still the same category – will you accept it? “Leave the pit in this south of the border dip to keep it fresh longer.”
     At the end of the round, Jaime had 18800, Anne had 7200, and Connie had 12400. The Final Jeopardy category was 19th Century Authors.  I was pleased by this Final – It was an instaget for me, at least in part because there was a clue about this on a recent GSN episode.  But it seemed pretty easy anyway: “One of this author’s greatest successes came after remarking, ‘I want to write about a fellow who was two fellows.” Anne got it right and added 4300 to her total. Connie had it right, too, and added 6600. Jaime got it wrong!! He lost 6001, but of course he and Anne both had higher totals – at 12799 and 11500 respectively – than yesterday’s contestants, who each finished with a dollar. Too bad. Not to take anything from Connie, but I believe Jaime was stronger today. I believe he led the entire time. feel like his Coryat will definitely be higher than hers. My own Coryat was 24000.
     Next week will be hit-and-miss as far as blogging – I’m going up to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to visit my friend, who’s going to have surgery tomorrow. I’m gonna bring my netbook, and I might be able to watch the show in her hospital room like we did that one week, but I can’t promise anything.

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