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     How silly of me not to mention Tuesday night that I appeared in the Journal Star that day. So here that is.
     Jay Ben played today. He stayed in the audience after his loss, and at the end of the day some tweens and their mother stopped him for a picture, saying, “You were the cutest!” He gamely posed with them.
     Tonight’s guest entry is brought to you by Catie Fletcher, one of my opponents last night on Jeopardy! (It feels strange to say those words!) Thanks Catie, and good job!

Photo by Nick Wolcott of the Bozeman Chronicle

It’s all about the “clicker”! 

     The chance of a lifetime…an item off my “bucket list” – these were a couple of the phrases the local media used when they wrote/broadcast the story of “a woman from Bozeman”’s experience of being a contestant on Jeopardy!  And though it might sound trite and somewhat philosophical or even an excuse, for me, being on Jeopardy! on Wednesday night was just that.

     I have watched Jeopardy! since the Art Fleming days of stage hands pulling up cards with the dollar amounts to reveal the answers. It’s true, shouting out the answers at home is easy; being the first to “ring in” (and not ringing in too quickly) – not so much.  But ringing in is THE key to success on my beloved Jeopardy!  With few exceptions, Jeanie, Beau and I ALL knew the questions to the answers, but somehow – in the final analysis – it was all about the clicker! 

     I watched myself on Jeopardy! surrounded by friends and co-workers (daughters texting and calling throughout the show).  It was, in a word, surreal, to see me on the television.  But, I have to admit those make-up ladies know their stuff!! 

     Do I wish I had won the game on March 28th?  Of course, I do.  I am a naturally competitive person and not winning (I can’t bring myself to say “losing”) HURT A LOT!!  My chance to shine on the show I have loved all my life is now gone and so I find solace in the observations of others (and, deep down, myself).  I AM the only person I know who has been on Jeopardy! (except, of course, for the amazing people I met on my day at the studio), my supportive, wonderful husband and my amazing daughters have told me they are very proud of my performance – giving it all – going for broke!  My beautiful granddaughter could not understand why “Grammie” didn’t say “Hi” back to her (but the fact that she recognized me makes my heart sing as I only get to see her a few times a year).  All in all, I have come to be proud of myself, too.  It WAS the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and the experience at the studio with the contestant coordinators pumping all of us up for 2-3 hours prior to the taping, the camaraderie of the contestants was something I still marvel at and yes, ladies, Beau is as nice as he is cute! 

It’s about Final Jeopardy!

     When I saw the Category “Latin Phrases”, I was ecstatic!  I have worked in the legal profession most of my life, I studied one year of Latin in college (admittedly more than 30 years ago), I have loved “words” and languages forever.  I WAS IN!!!  I went for it all.  Then they throw Machiavelli into the answer.  Unless I have forgotten my Humanities class, Mr. M wrote in Italian!!!  So, it threw me a wide curve…. 

     So, yes, it’s about the clicker! But it is so much more.  If I may paraphrase my (incorrect) response to Final Jeopardy! “The Play(ing) is the Thing”!!!!  In hind sight I am much more satisfied not winning by $12,001 than not winning by $1 (the margin if I had gotten the right question)!!!  Playing Jeopardy! Is now off my “bucket list” – on to skydiving, riding in a hot air balloon, being “Grammie” to more grandchildren, traveling to the Galapagos.   
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