Know and Tell

     (Edit on 3-3: I’m looking for everybody who taped Jeopardy! on December 6 or 7, 2011. If you did, or if you know how I can reach someone who did, would you please leave a comment here? Or e-mail me by clicking on “View My Complete Profile” at the bottom of the page?)
     My Coryat for the episode originally airing 11-3-05 was 25600. I’m counting this one in Company Symbols as a clam because the correct response was sort of spoiled as I was trying to stop the recording but before I’d listened to/read the clue. I really can’t say for sure whether I’d gotten it right: “In the 20s the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Assn. added an Indian maiden to this butter brand logo.” Anyway it doesn’t matter much – the last time I watched this one, my Coryat was 14400. ?!?

     By the way, if you watch those GSN reruns of Jeopardy!, would you please leave a comment below? I’m wondering if I can gather enough people to approach GSN and ask them to air more episodes than just those from season 22. We just saw these Maria Wenglinsky episodes in September!
     Today’s contestants:
Annette Todd

Patrick Morrison

David Gard (What is a retail horticulturist? That’s not a clue; I don’t know!)
     Patrick had won three times coming into today’s episode.
     Before the first break, there were several clues where I had the right answer in my head but didn’t pull the trigger. Annoying! Like this one in Astronomy, a category David seemed to favor: “In 2005 2 additional moons, Hydra & Nix, were discovered orbiting this dwarf planet.” The next clue was the Daily Double, 5 clues into the round. David, who had 1000, found it. Patrick had 200 and Annette had not responded yet. David wagered all 1000 on this clue: “The two shortest-named constellations each have 3 letters: Ara & this one in the zodiac.” He and I got it right.
     Then there was this next one in Astronomy I also “knew”: “Calliope, one of these objects orbiting between Jupiter & Mars, has its own satellite named Linus.” (I notice a lot of ampersands in these clues so far!) David would’ve swept, but Patrick answered this last clue in the category (although David looked like he was trying to ring in): “John Archibald Wheeler popularized this term for an object so dense that not even light can escape.”
     I should’ve rang in on this one, too, in Emily Dickinson: “As a girl, Emily was forbidden to read the inappropriate works of this ‘Drum-Taps’ poet.” It was a triple-stumper.
     At the first break, Patrick had 2400, David had 4000, and Annette had 200.
     Were you taken aback during David’s interview when he said he had a husband? I had to rewind to make sure I heard right! His interview was about a mix-up using a foreign language. This is a suggestion in the Jeopardy! paperwork when you’re trying to come up with interview anecdotes. (Not easy, by the way!)
     I could be wrong but Annette didn’t seem to be taking this too seriously. She had numerous apparent guesses (The Blues Brothers? Hemp? Sheepdog?) According to this article I came across when trying to find her blog, she is a “game show veteran.” She compared Jeopardy! to an “all-day field trip”! This bugs me a little! (I didn’t find her blog yet but I’m working on it.)
     Seeing Annette’s picture with Mr. Trebek makes me think of my own. I’m waiting for it to come out! I want to know what family and friends (and you) think of it.
     I could not believe I couldn’t come up with the second syllable to this triple-stumper in 2 by 2: “A country duo: ‘Stay’ & ‘Stuck Like Glue.'” I don’t like this duo at all, but I know exactly who they are.
     I swept Memphis before the round was over. At the end of it, Patrick had 6000, David had 6600, and Annette had 3000.
     I thought it was weird that Mr. Trebek referred to “Schwarzwald” after giving the correct response to this clue in World Geography: “In Germany & the Czech Republic you’ll find what the Germans call Bohmerwald, or this forest.”  This was a clue in the GSN rerun I watched this morning (referred to in the opening paragraph of this blog entry): “The Neckar river of SW Germany begins its 228-mile course near Schwenningen in this region AKA the Schwarzwald.”
     David found the first Daily Double of the next round. He was credited with a correct response to this clue in I Got 3 Letters before making his wager: “OBE, short for officer of this order of knighthood.” (Why in the heck wasn’t it counted right to begin with?) He had, then, 11400, while Patrick had 7600 and Annette had 3800. His Daily Double was in Antonymic Pairs. He wagered on this clue: “Scientific American has a feature that presents a common belief & asks this alliterative question.” I said “Born or bred?” and was pretty proud of it, but it was incorrect! David got it right.
     Is a golden retriever the same thing as a labrador retriever? I said the former in response to this clue in Movie Dog Breeds: “Marley of ‘Marley & Me.'” I’m telling you, these ampersands! Anyway, instead of consulting the message boards (since I don’t like to read them til after I’ve blogged), I decided to ask both my dog-loving friend Catherine and my “Marley and Me” loving sister. My sister has responded. She thinks they are not the same thing but she knows a yellow labrador lover. She offered to ask him, and I’ve asked her how soon he can get back to her. I guess I can wait, but I tweet my Jeopardy! results to my friend Robert every morning! Plus I put my Coryat here. I may have to consult the boards after all. This clue was a triple-stumper.
     Patrick found the next Daily Double in The Post Man’s Here. He had 14800, and wagered 2200. David had 14000 and Annette had 3000. This was the clue: “Stuart Whatley is Managing Blog Editor for this Post.” I came up with this one in part because I have a book from this Post about blogging! Patrick got it wrong.
     Later, David seemed to be hunting for a Daily Double (diving for higher-valued clues) even though there was none left. Maybe he sensed time was running out? Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning soon, with 5 clues left.
     How I got two triple-stumpers in World Geography, I don’t know. But like yesterday, Mr. Trebek didn’t read one of these very well, possibly leading to some confusion: “Sao Tome, this island & several tiny islands form a nation in Africa’s Gulf of Guinea.” And the other triple-stumper I got in the category: “Icacos Point at the southwestern tip of Trinidad is only about 7 miles from the South American mainland & this country.”
     The Final Jeopardy category was Book Villains. This was the clue: “The first time we meet this man in a 1981 novel, he’s in his cell holding ‘Le Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine.'”
I got this almost instantly. In fact all three contestants got it, but Annette’s was not accepted because she did not have a last name. She lost 2998. (Icky wager!) Patrick added 8000 to his 14600, but David added 13300 to his 16000, making him the new champion. I’ve said I’ve never met a David I don’t like (but somebody can prove me wrong). I like this David, too. It’s early, but he seems like a strong player.
     Assuming “golden retriever” is a neg, my Coryat today was 16600.