Anatomically Correct

     Happy Good Friday to you!
     This morning I tried to send a picture message to my e-mail to make sure I really did have to go to U.S. Cellular. Instead of an error message, it appeared to work, but the message didn’t arrive…until about an hour ago. So I guess my visit to U.S. Cellular ultimately did some good, though it never is a pleasure. Today’s final was a video, so I really did need to go.
     Yes, I have contestant pictures for you!

Lisa Lyons

Joey Falco

Bing “”Fire and Ice” Huo

     Lisa’s from Van Nuys, like another recent contestant! Lisa must’ve been in makeup and not listening at all when told to choose clues quickly and don’t say the whole category name each and every time! I was also pained by her interview – She acted like she was straining to remember the numbers involved in her marathon story, but I’m sure she remembered them and it was for effect. Sadly, we didn’t get to two clues in the Jeopardy round, and I was 3/3 when the round ended. So, she’s slightly on my bad side. She knows her Harolds, though, getting 4 in that Double Jeopardy round category. Speaking of that category, I wasn’t expecting the Jeopardy round version to be Heraldry after today’s tweeted clue. I had my head down writing categories on my Coryat sheet. I only got this one in the Harold category: “Brooklyn Dodger shortstop Harold Reese was known by this nickname, which he got as a champion marble-shooter.”
     I remember Mr. Trebek in a recent GSN rerun, not having heard of the correct response to this clue in today’s game. In “J” Food & Drink: “This 70-proof liqueur, a blend of 56 different herbs, has an umlaut over the second letter in its name.”
     I got these triple-stumpers today:

  • In Word Up (which I swept, by the way): “Oh, give me a this 11-letter term, the tendency of a physiological system to maintain internal stability.” (I remember this one quite well from Anatomy class.)
  • In I’m Taking French Leave: “En Nouvelle-Ecosse, this province.”
  • In Mnemonics: “The bones of the cranium go ‘old people from Texas eat spiders,’ with O short for this.” (Also from Anatomy class!)

     At the end of Double Jeopardy, Joey had 7600, Bing had 12600, and Lisa had 7900 after losing a whopping 4500 on this Daily Double in Literary Links: “Light in ______ 1914.” Two things remind me of my own episode: 4500 is more than I ended up with in my episode. And, the correct response to this clue is one of my own I remember.
     The Final Jeopardy category was World Leaders. This was the clue:

Names of the pair seen here, who’ve been spending a lot of time together.

     I actually rolled my eyes and walked away at this final. Puh-leeze! All three contestants got it, too. Joey doubled his score, the same risky trick he pulled yesterday. Lisa added 5188, which I cannot explain. Bing added 3201. I can’t explain his wager either for that matter. Anyway it was enough, and we’ll see him Monday. My Coryat today was 19600.
     Now, I’m off to dinner to break the fast.
     And the message board thread from today’s episode.