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Did you know that there are sources of the Gettysburg address (like the version that appears in the New York Times!) that claim that the speech opens with “Fourscore” as opposed to “Four Score”? Apparently both “4” and “80” count as the “number that opens the Gettysburg Address! For the uninitiated, I write and host a pub quiz in my home town of Guelph four nights a week — Sunday through Wednesday…

Your contestants today: Dan Adkison and Elieen McQuiggan challenging knitting store owner and defending champion Mary Harris.

You know that when a Triple Stumper happens on the previous show, Alex will make some reference to the champion’s low total the next day, and today was no exception!


Dan give himself off to a good start compared to his opponents, going 3/5 in CHARACTERS BASED ON REAL PEOPLE and found the first Daily Double on Clue 10 (Newspapers $800). At $2,400 early (to Eileen’s $600 and Mary’s $200), Dan looked to consolidate his advantage by doubling up. He saw the following clue: Published continuously for military personnel since World War II, it now has about 420,000 daily readers. Watching Waltons and M*A*S*H reruns daily made this a really easy clue for me, and Dan had no difficulty with it either, doubling his score!

At the break, your scores had Dan at 5600 to Eileen’s 1800 and Mary’s -800.

I was happy to get the following Triple Stumper (CHARACTERS $600): The character of Natty Bumppo in “The Leatherstocking Tales” was based on this frontiersman.

Eileen’s interview said that she met her husband in the Amsterdam red light district — when he asked her “do you come here often?” And she married him anyway!

Coming out of the break, a series of very long video clues (in both the SOUTH AFRICA category and a video clue in GREEN CAR) led to a slowdown of the round and leaving four clues in THE DANA CARVEY SHOW uncovered. I like seeing all 30 clues and I know I’m not alone! After the Jeopardy! round, Dan had $9800, Eileen $2600 and Mary $200.

Double Jeopardy! categories: THAT’S WHERE I DRAW THE LION, NOTABLE WOMEN, HOW ‘BOUT THEM APPLES?, BOOKS ABOUT ROCK STARS, US RIVERS, THE FIRST LETTER IS… — and it was a board much better suited to the Tournament of Champions in my opinion.

The round got off to a good start in US RIVERS and THE FIRST LETTER IS, with some good gets by all 3 players, but it screeched to a halt when Dan found the first Daily Double in BOOKS ABOUT ROCK STARS $800. Holding $15400 to Eileen’s $5000 and Mary’s $4600, he bet $5000 and then saw the following clue: “The Quiet One” – I bet both of my parents will get this instantly. I hope Dad gives Mom a chance to answer, though! I gave the same answer that Dan gave — and Dan fell to $10,400.

The carnage continued on the $1200 (“Tommyland”) and $2000 (From a singer & TV talent judge: “Does the noise in my head bother you?”) clues.

Dan also saw the final Daily Double, in THAT’S WHERE I DRAW THE LION $1200, after Triple Stumpers on $400 and $800. He had $10,800 to Mary’s $2600 and Eileen’s $2200, and understandably bet only $1000. His video clue:

Carpaccio painted the lion as a symbol of St. Mark, patron of this city where Carpaccio lived.

Dan increased his score by $1000 with his correct response.

Later on in the LION category, I learned something: “The Peaceable Kingdom” has a lion. Frankly, I was sick of Jeopardy! referencing the painting in 2005, and I’m still sick of it in 2012. Other things on my list: Parson Weems and William Tell.

I didn’t like Dan’s strategy of trying to go after the high-valued clues while holding a lock game after Alex’s “minute to go” signal. I would have immediately moved into the low-lying fruit (yes, pun intended) and killed time on clues worth $400 and $800. It worked out for him this time, as going into Final Jeopardy, the scores had Dan in a runaway with $14,600 (to Mary’s $4200 and Eileen’s $2200)

Your category: 1920s NOVELS

The clue: This title guy says, “Do you believe in my innocence, in the fiendishness of my accusers? Reassure me with a hallelujah!”

Eileen came up with the correct answer; Mary was unable to have one, and Dan ventured “The Great Gatsby” (I assume for lack of a better guess):

Eileen 2200 +0 = 2200
Mary 4200 -0 = 4200
Dan 14600 -1400 = 13200

Dan’ll be returning tomorrow to defend his title, and I’ll be returning next Monday!

My own Coryat: $19,000. 28 right, 2 wrong.

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