Potatoes and O’Brien

      How I longed for today’s episode. Finally, the woman I’ve wanted to see play since I met her at O’Brien’s Pub the day I lost: Cat Still. How’d she do? Read on. Here she is, with her opponents:

Judy Nichols

Peter Allen

     Judy was a one-time champ coming into today. Did you see her start to clap, then stop, when the camera was zoomed in on her?
     I was happy when Cat answered her first clue, the 7th one in, in “E”asy Science: “A wave signal reflected back to its point of origin from a distance.” Then she answered the next three in the same category!
     Did anyone else say “Leroy” on this clue in First Names?: “Regina is Latin for ‘queen’; this is the male counterpart.” Then, like Peter, I said “Angela” on this one in the same category: “One of the 500 most popular girls’ names, it means ‘from England,’ though it’s a place in France.”
     At the first break, Cat led with 3400, while Peter had 800 and Judy had 2800 after her response of “epithelial” was deemed acceptable on this clue in “E”asy Science: “A waterproof layer called the cuticle sometimes covers this outermost cellular layer of animals & plants.” The money came in handy, as the very next clue was the Daily Double, in First Names. Judy wagered 1000 on this clue: “This French name means ‘reborn,’ a reference to Christian baptism.” I got this one in time, but Judy guessed “Baptiste.” (I took four years of French in high school and two semesters of it in college.)
     I swept Get A Room, as long as “cellar” can be accepted on this clue: “A basement for your Beaujolais.” And I’d never heard of this, but got it right from the picture: “Consisting of several offices, it’s the often featureless type of farm seen here.”

     At the end of the round, Cat led with 5800, while Judy had 4000 and Peter had 2200.
     I got this triple-stumper in The “Kid” Stays in the Category: “This term for brainiac youths was applied to a youthful Phillies team of yore.”
     Was it bizarre or what that this correct response came up, in Harvard Alumni?: “This late-night host graduated magna cum laude from Harvard & was president of the Harvard Lampoon.” And fitting that Cat got it!
     Weird again, this next clue’s correct response (same category) was an incorrect response yesterday: “This editor (class of ’43) worked at the Crimson long before he oversaw the Washington Post’s coverage of Watergate.”
     Cat did something, twice!, that I was unable to do: get a Daily Double. She found the first one in the Titanic category. She had a healthy 13400 while Judy had 11600 and Peter had 5400. Cat wagered 4000 on this clue: “The first rescue ship on site was this British liner that picked up more than 700 survivors, mostly women & children.” I’d never heard of this, I don’t think. Cat missed it too, guessing “Lusitania,” which is what I’d guessed on a clue about the Hindenburg in the Jeopardy round.
     Unfortunately, Cat missed this next clue, a triple-stumper in Canada’s Maritime Provinces (I wonder if my blogging buddy Andy swept this one, as he lives in Ontario.): “Like a certain western U.S. state, Prince Edward Island is famed for growing these, as in the field seen here.”

I don’t think Cat’s guess of “strawberries” was a bad one.
     The next clue was the next Daily Double! She had 8600 now. She wagered 2000 on this clue in the same category: “When the French ruled Canada, the region was known as this.” Another too-toughie, but good for her for guessing on both Daily Doubles. She and I missed it.
     Despite Peter’s lengthy interview and some sllloowww clue-selecting, both rounds had no clues hidden. Judy ended Double Jeopardy with 13200, while Peter had 5800 and Cat had 8200. The Final Jeopardy category was Word Origins. This was the softball clue: “An exploited part of a law, originally it meant an opening in a castle wall used to look at or shoot at an enemy.” All four of us got it right. Peter added 4201. Cat added 3401, which guaranteed her second place even if Peter had doubled. Judy added 8000, more than enough of course even if Cat had doubled. So we’ll see Judy Monday. Mr. Trebek pointed out she is the first two-time champ of the week.
     Good on ya, Cat! I wonder if she watched her episode, and if she celebrated at O’Brien’s.
     My Coryat today was 18600. Here’s the link to this episode’s message board thread.
     My long-awaited fantasy baseball draft is tomorrow night, possibly noteworthy to you because Andy has joined my league. It’s on! Also, I should be able to get caught up on weekend J! reruns while I’m home.