Quarterfinal 3, and congrats Ursula!

Nothing really to say about my own journey, though I will say I think I’ve inspired some other journeys. One of my regulars at my trivia show tonight told me that he took the College test! It makes me feel pretty good that I’m inspiring other budding trivia players!
Also, I’d like to also congratulate commenter Ursula on getting The Call and best of retroactive luck to her! Her air date is Thursday, May 24th…
Now on with the show, and we have junior Elyse Mancuso, senior Catherine Briley, and sophomore Krishna Bharathala looking to join Ben Greenho and Eliza Scruton in next week’s semifinals in Washington! I know who Jeanie’ll be cheering for; the Nebraskan Elyse!
J! round categories: FINE ARTS; LAUGH LINES; SCRAMBLED FRUITS; BACK IN THE 20TH CENTURY; VISUAL LANGUAGE; IT’S NOT A MESS, IT’S A COLLECTION (Sounds like something I need to tell to someone asking me to clean up!)
Just like Monday’s game that I was blogging, the contestants seemed to open the game at a pretty good pace!
The game’s first two Triple Stumpers came on the bottom two clues in LAUGH LINES: ($800) This Jon Heder character, when told he needs key chains: “I already made like infinity of those at scout camp”; and $1000: Emma Stone in “Crazy Stupid Love” on seeing this actor shirtless: “It’s like you’re photoshopped”; sadly, I feel old when I think the contestants might actually have been too young for the $800 film!
At the first break, your scores: Catherine $3200 Elyse $1400 Krishna $1200
Catherine found the first Daily Double under BACK IN THE 20TH CENTURY $1000. She had $4000 to Elyse’s $2000 and Krishna’s $1000 and bet clue value. The clue: On March 20, 1952 this country’s Supreme Court declared voter segregation unconstitutional, but it continued. Both my answer and Catherine’s differed and were both still wrong (Oops!)
Elyse went on a buzzer roll after the Daily Double, to the point where she was able to overtake Catherine for the lead! Your scores after the J! round: Elyse $6800 Cathrine $3600 Krishna $2600.
Elyse started off Double Jeopardy! where she left off in the opening round, extending her lead going into the first Daily Double of the round. It was Catherine, however, who found it first, under VISITING THE BOSTON AREA $800. She had $6000, Elyse $12000 and Krishna $3400. Remembering that $800 Daily Doubles tend to be easier might have helped her, but Catherine did only bet $3000. The clue: A circle of cobblestones in front of the old State House commemorates this 1770 clash in which 5 were killed. Her instant response bumped her score up to $9000.
Catherine found the final Daily Double as well, under US GOVERNMENT $1200. She had $10,200 to Elyse’s $13,200. Krishna still had $3,400. Seemingly afraid of the lead, Catherine’s bet this time was only $2,800. Her clue: The Constitution defines this crime as “levying war” against the United States or giving enemies “aid and comfort” Again, a quick response left her $200 short of the lead.
The final 12 clues proved to be a dogfight between all three players, with Krishna getting some solid gets to raise his score going into Final.
Scores going into Final: Elyse $19,600 Catherine $11,000 Krishna $7,800
FJ! category: CALENDARS
FJ! clue: Of the 12 bests representing years in the Chinese calendar, the one not biologically related to any creature on Earth
Final scores:
Krishna 7800 + 7201 = 15001
Catherine 11000 + 10000 = 21000
Elyse 19600 + 3000 = 22600
Elyse Mancuso
Ben Greenho
Eliza Scruton
Wild Card standings:
Catherine Briley 21000
Anshika Niraj 17401
Rose Schaefer 15400
Krishna Bharathala 15001
Sam Leanza 2200
Jeff Haylon 200
Make sure you check out tomorrow’s; my post will go into wagering strategy for 2-day finals, being that we’re in the middle of a tournament!