Leaving the premises

     Today’s contestants:

Dan Burke of Chicago, IL
Julie Bratvold Ghanbari of San Diego, CA

Elisa Leigan of San Luis Obispo, CA

     This third clue was a painful miss for me because not only have I been there more than once, I was just there last month!:

In Addressing the Ballpark: “333 West Camden Street.” I said what Dan did! He got 4/5 in the category.
     Julie, a stay-at-home mom, found the Daily Double of the round, in Mysteries & Thrillers. She’d gotten 2 right and had 1200. Elisa had gotten 1 right and had 200. Dan had gotten 4 right and the 1 neg and had 2200.  Julie wagered all of it on this clue: “Chapter 1 of this classic is ‘Spade & Archer.'” I got this one right but Julie didn’t.
     I got this triple-stumper in Potpourri, which Mr. Trebek followed with one of his “Are you kidding me?” looks that are getting more frequent: “If you roll a standard 6-sided die & a 2 comes up, this number is on the bottom.” I think I’ll add this one to the weekly poll.
     At the first break, Julie had gotten 1 right since her Daily Double and had 1000. Elisa had gotten 1 right and 1 wrong and had 600. Dan had gotten 3 right and had 4000.
     I got this triple-stumper in Begins and Ends with “K”: “Your relatives.” Mr. Trebek said that was “a little tougher”!
     There were eight clues left when Mr. Trebek gave the 1-minute warning.
     I swept No Bed but Bath & Beyond. I could not believe this was a clue in the category: “Hello, ladies…’The man your man could smell like’ was Isaiah Mustafa as he pitched (shirtlessly) this product.” This was a clue in a crossword puzzle I was working just before watching Jeopardy!: “Old Spice commercial actor Mustafa.” I doubt I’d have gotten this right without that puzzle! Vamos!
     I was peeved when Dan left one clue left in the category and skipped to Chinese Zodiac Animals. But I wound up getting the three clues we saw there correct, too. Then I was peeved when Julie took a looonnnggg time to choose a clue since time was running out with 3 clues left, and I was on a roll. I know I’d have gotten the last two clues in the category. At the end of the round, Elisa had gotten 1 wrong and 5 right since the break and had 3800. Julie had gotten 4 right and had 3000, and Dan had gotten 1 wrong and 3 right and had 5800.
     I eyed The OED Sez with suspicion because this tweeted clue kicked my butt today. (I wanna add that one to the poll! I mean, did anyone get that, for real?) But I wound up going 4/5 in the category, saying what Julie did on this clue: “A ‘proposition which forms the basis for a…theory…a starting point for reasoning.'” It was her first neg of the game. That does it, I’m adding this to the poll too. Here’s what my dictionary says for “hypothesis” (at least definition #1): “a proposition tentatively assumed in order to draw out its logical or empirical consequences and so test its accord with facts that are known or may be determined.” And for “premise”: “a proposition antecedently supposed or proved : a basis of argument.” (It goes on a little bit, and if you need more just ask and I’ll throw it in a comment.)
     Julie went 4/5 in “C” Monsters including the Daily Double. I was writing the categories on my scoresheet and didn’t realize it was spelled that way until she answered the first clue in the category. (I got it right anyway.) She’d gotten 4 right in the round when she found it, and had 7400. Dan had gotten 3 right and had 8200. Julie wagered 2000 on this clue: “The Greeks said this fire-breather was part lion, part dragon & part goat–but maybe it was a figment of their imagination.”
     It’s an Olympic Year! was a whole category of neg bait for me, but I managed to get 2 right and neg once. I stayed clam on this one that all 3 contestants negged on: “The U-2 Incident; Incidentally, U2’s Bono is born.”
     There were 6 clues left in the round when Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning. (Sigh.) The next clue was the next Daily Double, which Julie again found in Opus & Opera. She’s gotten 2 right and 2 wrong since her last Daily Double and had 12200. Dan had also gotten 2 right and 2 wrong, and had 9000. Elisa had gotten 3 right and 2 wrong and had 2200. Julie wagered 2500 on this clue: “His Opus 68 is ‘from the Bohemian forest,’ composed around 1883.” I got this one right! Julie did not, but she got the last two clues of the round right and ended with 10900.
     The Final Jeopardy category was British History. This was the clue: “This 17th century king was the last British monarch to enter the House of Commons.” Don’t ask me how I got this right. I had a vague notion that I’d heard this before, but it was a pretty wild stab. Julie was the only contestant to get this one right, and since she was in the lead it follows that she won! (Incidentally, she added 7101.) Elisa didn’t wager anything, and Dan wagered 8997. We’ll see Julie tomorrow.
     My Coryat today was 17600 (25000 without negs).
     Now, thanks to my friend Robert, I knew that Julie is a boardie and thus I have a way to ask her if she’d like to answer questions for the blog. I hope she says yes. I kinda have a lot of questions already. I have to admit I thought she lost today after seeing how she changed her rank. But…I figured out why she changed her rank to that. 🙂 I didn’t watch my commercial. I wonder if I was even on it.
     Recent Coryats:
originally 10-21-08: 21800 (28200 without negs) (Does this guy look exactly like David Madden or what?)
originally 10-22-08: 22000 (26000 without negs)
originally 10-23-08: 31400 (35400 without negs) (And this guy looks a lot like one of David’s staff.)
10-24-08: 21000 (27600 without negs)
     Now for my Q & A with woman-of-few-words, Liza Veeneman!

Q: You went to the Agatha Christie category and you did well.
Liza: I began reading Agatha Christie books when I was in junior high school. I loved the first ones I read, and by now have read all of them.
Q: Did I detect an accent?
Liza: Yes; I grew up in Lexington, KY.
Q: Did you stay to watch the rest of the day's episodes?
Liza: Yes, I stayed to watch the rest of the episodes.
Q: Anything else you'd like to say?
Liza: Jeopardy was an unforgettable experience from the online test onward. I had the time of my life!
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