Q and A with Lynn Welch

     Lynn played on Wednesday, July 11th.

Q: Why did you say “hold the ketchup” in your Hometown Howdy?
Lynn: I said “hold the ketchup” in my Hometown Howdy because I asked viewers to grab a Chicago dog. Chicago is, to my understanding, the only major U.S. city in which hot dog stands outnumber hamburger joints. In this town, it’s forbidden to put ketchup on a Chicago dog. In fact, some hot dog stand owners won’t even provide ketchup for your French fries.
Q: Would you please talk about your Final Jeopardy wager?
Lynn: Really? Most people have been asking about my Daily Double wager. I was in a distant 3rd place at $7200 and I felt confident with the category. So I bet everything save $2 in case my opponents made big wagers and lost. Unfortunately the FJ question was much too easy and I finished in 3rd place.
Q: Tell me about this “Drinking Liberally“? (That’s how I found you.)
Lynn: Drinking Liberally is a social organization in which people who self-identify as progressives (we’re officially nonpartisan) meet in a bar to talk politics and to drink. Although, because our chapter meets on Mondays, we do more talking than drinking. My husband and I, with one other woman, are the leaders of the Evanston chapter. We have more than 200 chapters nationwide!
Q: What was it like to watch those 2 episodes where contestants finished Double Jeopardy deep in the red? Did you stay for the last two episodes of the day? Were you there for the episodes taped on Tuesday that week?
Lynn: On the day we taped (Tuesday), I watched the games which aired on 7/9 and 7/10 before taping the 7/11 episode. Watching those two highly intelligent and lively women end up so deeply in the red (so that they could not even participate in FJ) had a profound effect on my game. It explains my conservative wager in the Daily Double (half way through the DJ round). I was way behind but determined to make it to Final. I wagered enough so that if I lost my wager then missed a $2000 question, I would still be in the game. I left the studio after taping my game. My husband, my parents and I went to a bar afterward and then sight-seeing around LA.
Q: Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Lynn: I would like to add that I’m overwhelmed by how supportive people have been with my Jeopardy! appearance. From my family, coworkers, friends, neighbors and the contestant handlers at Sony pictures, I am inexpressibly grateful for your support. I also feel a sense of loss at having ticked this big item off my “bucket list” (I’m at the age for a midlife crisis). But I am developing ideas about what my next feat will be!
     Thanks, Lynn!
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