Tour de France…and Spain and Germany

     Oooh, what a fun episode today. I’m looking forward to this.
     But first, speaking of fun and looking forward to something, I think I am almost as excited as Andy that he’s directing a Scrabble tournament today (Saturday) in Toronto. And guess who else is gonna be there. Future ToCer (and oh yeah, crossword enthusiast) Jason Keller. I wish I could be there, too, even though I don’t play Scrabble!
     Today’s contestants:

Mike McStravick of Houston, TX
(He looks like Taylor Hicks today, right down to the purple clothes.)
Andy Baggarly of Palo Alto, CA
Lisa Farricker of Winchester, VA
(Instant bonus points for being a nursing student!)

     Did anyone else get deja vu when the category Inventive Ad Words was revealed? Okay, it was probably just me. Incidentally I’ve challenged myself a couple of times to remember every category in my game. When I look right now, I’m like, “What???” I’ve barely looked at anything related to my game, including the game itself. I think I’ve repressed the memory of much of it! Looking at the category now, I know the correct response to every clue. Ringing in first is another story! My sister told me right after my game she thought the one I got, was a good get. Although she didn’t put it that way.
     I went 4/5 today in Inventive Ad Words, clamming on this one: “How could you ‘fuelgettabouttit’ when it came to a print ad for this car brand’s Equinox SUV.”
     To me it seemed that Mike lightened up today, but he did look like he was gonna drill a hole through the board with his eyes when he went for the 1000 clue in Military Matters off the bat. And good for him for getting that rather convoluted clue right:

     We just talked about this girl, also in Inventive Ad Words: “Fox branded this star of ‘New Girl’ as ‘adorkable.'”
     I plowed through Celebrity Books before the first break. At that time, Mike had gotten 3 right and had . Lisa had gotten 6 right and had 3800. Andy had gotten 5 right and 1 wrong and had 1600.
     Nice contestant interviews today. I agree with contestant Andy about athletes accused of doping being inducted into Halls of Fame. (I don’t know how hopefully-future-contestant and bloggin’ partner Andy feels!) 🙂 And Lisa met her husband Abraham when she was reading a book of the same name near him. Mike talked about Texas barbecue.
     Andy found the Daily Double of the round in Forests. He’d gotten 2 right since the break and had 2400. Mike had gotten 1 right and had 2200. Andy wagered 1600 on this clue: “At 4898 feet, Feldberg is the highest point in this German forest known for its mineral springs.” I’m lucky to have been to the Black Forest, and I got this one right (guess though it was). Andy got it too!
     Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning at the top of Inside Shakespeare. Luckily the clues were short and we got through them all. Sorry if you’re sick of this, but I really did see “TIGERSHARK” in a crossword puzzle today. (“There are tiger & nurse varieties of this critter.”)
     Andy got 6 right since his Daily Double, and ended the round with 7800. Lisa had gotten 2 right and had 5000. Mike had gotten 3 right and had 4200.
     I’ve blogged about this movie (I’ve also read some of the book), and in fact I just saw a clue about it in a Jeopardy! rerun yesterday. But I clammed on this one today in McWriters: “The film ‘No Country for Old Men’ was based on a novel by him.”
     Andy found the first Daily Double of the round, in Birds of a Feather. He’d gotten 3 right and had 9800. Lisa had gotten 2 right and 1 wrong and had 6200. Mike had gotten 8 right, and had 13400. Mr. Trebek said then that Mike had been “very dominant in the last set of clues.” Andy wagered 2200 on this clue: “Little Spotted, North Island Brown, South Island Brown.” He and I got it wrong, but then it was his turn to be dominant – He got 5 right before finding the next Daily Double. Lisa had gotten 2 wrong and had 4200. Andy wagered 3000 of his 10400 on this clue in Street Smarts: “This capital’s Gran Via was renamed Avenida Jose Antonio, after the founder of the Fascist party.” Luckily once again, I’ve been to this capital and got this right. Andy did not. 
     I’ve been to Berlin, too, and confidently rang in and promptly negged on this clue, still in Street Smarts: “In Berlin Wilhelmstrasse runs parallel to this other major street bearing the name of a German emperor.” Mike got this one. 
     Before the end of the round, Mike and Andy had each gotten 1 right, and the latter had also gotten 1 wrong. They had 15400 and 7800 respectively. Lisa had gotten 3 right and had 7400. Mr. Trebek pointed out that had Andy not gotten the last clue of the round, Mike would’ve had a lock on the game.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Recent Films. I was hopeless on this one: “One of its first lines is ‘I won’t talk! I won’t say a word!!!'” Lisa and Mike got it wrong, and Andy got it right! He was confident, bobbing his head to the think music. Lisa lost all but 100 dollars. Andy doubled, so of course he’s lucky he was right. On the other hand, Mike only lost 1000, so Andy’s very lucky he wagered like he did! By the skin of his teeth, Andy’s the new champion (and he seemed to appreciate that). We’ll see him Monday.
     My Coryat today was 21600 (28600 without negs). Tomorrow, look for my Q and A with Kimberley Stephenson
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