Opening Day!

Andy here to open up the 29th season of Jeopardy! here at The Jeopardy! Fan! Opening Day is always fun, as we get back into our routine of watching the show every day! It’s nice to have this back!

Before we get going, a few words from myself; I’ll admit it’s been a chore at times to get my Summer Hiatus Challenge answers in on time, but I’m pretty sure I’ve answered all of the questions thus far, and with only 2 days left to go there, I feel as if the finish line’s in sight! It feels like a struggle because I know I don’t have a chance of actually winning but it does feel like it’s an accomplishment to make it to the finish!

LearnedLeague is going pretty well, though I’m going to need to bring my A game the next few days to ensure I finish strong! If all goes well this week there, I’ll end up in a “C” Rundle next season — a placement I think I’d be quite competitive in, judging by the number of correct answers people in the other Rundles are giving. I’m also looking forward to a few of the offseason MiniLeagues!

This week on the show, we’ve got the following players:

Vamsi Adusumilli
Paul Camp
Penny Citrola
Dan Elg
Peter Hansen
Natalie Knowles
Veronica Mance
Alison Parakh
Diane Samuelson
Jim Walke
Erin Zwiener

The 3 that will start off the season for us? Vamsi Adusumilli and Diane Samuelson challenging returning champion Alison Parakh!

Alex started off by mentioning the show’s Peabody Award, its 30th Emmy, and by thanking everybody that sent well-wishes after his “little heart thing”.


After a couple of difficult OSCAR WINNERS ON TV questions, Alison found the season’s first Daily Double on the game’s third clue, in the $600 slot. Scores:

Vamsi $0
Diane $0
Alison $-200

She bet $1,000. Her clue: This Oscar-winning daughter of an Oscar-winning Director plays producer Eileen Rand on Smash. Unfortunately, Alison had difficulties on this one as well, and was unable to come up with a response, falling to $-1,200.

I’m quite glad that my favorite baseball broadcaster got another Jeopardy! clue (I checked the Archive, there was one about him in 1999), under MY SO. CAL. LIFE $400: In summer I listen to this great broadcaster, now in his 63rd year calling Dodger games. That man could read the telephone directory and make it interesting!

At the first break we had scores of:
Alison $1,200
Vamsi $1,200
Diane $-200

Vamsi tweets, by the way, you can find him @vamsi — I’m pretty sure that my co-blogger here is still hoping for a follow back!

I think Alex’s comments at the beginning of the show might have slowed things down a bit as we left 3 clues on the board, even as all 3 players hurried to try to get through 30! I liked the BEST TEXAS HOLD ‘EM… category as I’ve been playing a good deal of poker as of late!

Scores after the J! round:
Diane $3,400
Vamsi $2,800
Alison $2,000


It was Diane that got to the first Daily Double in this round, early on as well! This one was under GIVING A PUP TALK $1200. Scores:

Diane $4,600
Vamsi $2,800
Alison $2,000

Her bet was a fearful $600. Her clue: This Shakespeare play includes the line “Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war”. I bet she was regretting her wager when she came up with the right answer, only moving her score to $5,200!

I really liked how Vamsi tried to keep the game moving!

Those who have known me since high school will know that I appreciate the wording of the $1200 clue in MATH WORDS: Don’t be dense; tell us this word for an angle of more than 90 but fewer than 180 degrees. I’m still bitter about angles and “Reach For The Top”. (Don’t ask.)

Vamsi got his mojo going early on the round, but it was Diane that got to the game’s final Daily Double, under “SEP”-TEMBER $1600. Scores:

Diane $8,000
Vamsi $7,600
Alison $2,800

Once again, Diane went fearful, betting only $1,000. Clue: The part of a cross-shaped church that intersects the main aisle at right angles. Even though I had trouble hearing the final letter of Diane’s response, she got it right, and her score moved to $9,000.

Alison did quite well for herself, getting 4 of the 5 in 1990s #1 ALBUMS to bring her back in the game before the Final. It wasn’t quite enough, though! Scores going into FJ!:

Diane $11,400
Vamsi $8,800
Alison $6,000

FJ! category: ISLANDS

FJ! clue: Of the world’s 5 largest islands by area, the 2 with territory of more than 1 country are Borneo & this one

Alison 6000 – 5500 = 500
Vamsi 8800 + 4000 = 12800
Diane 11400 – 7000 = 4400

I can’t say that I would have wagered the same way from any of the three positions tonight. I think if I was Alison, I’d be betting $0, Vamsi – $3,201, and Diane $6,201.

I played Marktiple Choice between Vamsi’s and Diane’s answers and realized that I had seen that question somewhere before tonight’s Final. I can’t place it, but I fortunately went with the correct answer. My own Coryat: $26,000 (34 right, 2 wrong)

We’ll be seeing Vamsi again tomorrow; judging by some of the tweets I saw tonight, I think he’s trying to parlay his winning on the show into a date or two; you might want to try tweeting him if you want, ladies!

See you again tomorrow!

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