I’m a Stranger Here Myself…

     …or so it seems since Andy has been blogging so often! I’m not complaining. In fact I’m grateful. He’s been doing a good job. He’s earned these two days off. This title also gives me a chance to shout out a book I liked, Bill Bryson’s of the same name.
     Recent Coryats: originally 1-16-09: 33400! (36400 without negs)
originally 1-19-09: 26800 (32600 without negs). There were also two 2K clues and one 1200 that I think I got too late to count. So my Coryat could’ve been 37800. ?!
originally 1-20-09: 25600 (28200 without negs)
originally 1-21-09: 26800 (32600 without negs)
     Still no word on whether my episode will be rerun on a future weekend, but I did learn that this guy‘s second episode airs this weekend. Enjoy it. 🙂

Craig Chern of Wall Township NJ (Yet another tall guy.)

     Today’s contestants:

Stephanie Jass of Milan MI
Felicia McGowan of Baltimore MD
(Her soft voice was a bit of a surprise.)

     Stephanie had won twice when this episode began. We found out during her interview today she is married.
     I kicked off the game by sweeping Shedding Their Clothes. Now, I watched this clue in It’s Getting Warm over and over, and I don’t see a reason why I can’t accept my response of “Hawaiian Islands”: “Sunstroke is likely with prolonged exposure to over 105 degrees on the H.I., short for this.” I will count it wrong if I’m convinced it is!
     By the first break, it appeared that Stephanie was having a day like her previous two – She’d answered 7 right and one wrong and had 4200. Felicia too was strong though, with 5 right and 3200. Craig had answered 2 right and one wrong and had 600. When Stephanie found the Daily Double in 35 Years Ago: 1977, she’d answered 2 more right and had 5200. Craig had answered 3 more right and had 1400. Stephanie wagered 800 on this clue: “In November, it began regular passenger service between New York & Europe, about a 3 1/2 hour trip.” Stephanie got it right. Is it just me, or have the Daily Doubles been pretty easy this week? I was 3/3 on Monday and Tuesday, and 2/3 today.
     We had 7 clues left when Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning. Three clues were left covered. Stephanie had gotten one right and one wrong since her Daily Double, and had 5800. Felicia had gotten one more right and was hangin’ in there with 4000. Craig had gotten 2 wrong and was back at zero.
     I swept Pop Culture Before & After, and I got this triple-stumper in That Book Was a Horror!: “Stephen King, 2009: ‘Under’ this.” Just before this book came out, King did a sort of Q & A that was broadcast in movie theaters nationwide, and I went to see it. I can’t find any more info about it right now, unfortunately.
Then I swept Great Men & Women of Medicine, too. Stephanie had gotten a few of those right herself by the time she found the Daily Double in Great Men & Women of Medicine. She had 13000, which must have been daunting to Felicia at 3200 and Craig at 2800. He’d gotten 3 right in the round. Felicia had gotten 2 right and one wrong, and Stephanie had gotten 6 right. Stephanie wagered 2000 on this softball: “Her work as an obstetrical nurse for poor women made her an advocate of birth control, a term she coined.” Of course, she got it right.
     Felicia, for a change, found the next Daily Double only a few clues later in Geograph”ia” (in which all correct responses were to end with “ia.” She’d gotten the one clue before it right since Stephanie’s Daily Double, and had 4400. Craig had gotten one right and Stephanie had gotten 2 right, and they had 3200 and 17800 respectively. Felicia wagered 3000 on this toughie (so guess which Daily Double I didn’t get right today): “Until it declared its independence in 1991, it was the southernmost of the republics that made up Yugoslavia.” This will be sort of a busy weekend for me, but if I have time to do a poll I’m gonna put this one on there. Felicia missed it too, much to my dismay. Stephanie rubbed salt in the wound by following that up with a 2000 get.
     Craig had gotten 3 more right before the end of the round (in which 3 clues were left hidden), but so had Stephanie. (Craig had also gotten one wrong.) So the scores going into the Final were: Stephanie 22200, Felicia 1400, Craig 6000. The Final Jeopardy category was Historic Rulers.
     At least Craig gets to say he was the only one among the contestants to get this Final right. This was the clue: “This ruler of a New World country was born in Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace in 1832 & executed far from home in 1867.” Felicia lost 1200. Craig added 1000, and Stephanie, a history teacher if I may remind you, said “Tsar Nicholas” and lost 3000. (That’s okay, as I’d never have gotten this one right!) Anyway we’ll see her try again tomorrow.
     With this win, Stephanie alters the ToC list. It looks like we will see her again even after this run is over. Here’s an update, then:
1. Monica Thieu $100,000 (College Champion)
2. Patrick Quinn $100,000 (Teacher’s Champion)
3. Jason Keller $213,900 (9 wins)
4. Joel Pool $116,800 (6 wins)
5. Dave Leach $98,054 (6 wins)
6. David Menchaca $115,503 (5 wins)
7. David Gard $84,700 (4 wins)
8. Dan McShane $62,001 (4 wins)
9. Patrick Morrison $80,701 (3 wins)
10. Francis Lansangan $78,401 (3 wins)
11. Stephanie Jass $66,770 (3 wins)
12. Matt Samberg $61,402 (3 wins)
13. Andy Baggarly $60,402 (3 wins)
14. Stephanie Fontaine $54,500 (3 wins)
15. Joey Falco $53,999 (3 wins)

16. Erin Zweiner $53,399 (3 wins)
17. Beau Henson $51,203 (3 wins)
18. Margaret Swanson $48,000 (3 wins)
19. Claudia Gray $45,202 (3 wins)
20. Dan Adkison $37,400 (3 wins)
21. Jacob Silverman $35,998 (3 wins)
22. Jessamine Price $26,803 (3 wins)

     I don’t keep track of any records, but I may have “achieved” a new one: 9200 11200 in negs. My focus sucked today. Coryat 23600 19600.