Q and A: Sara Lehmann

Andy here tonight!

First up, a slight scheduling change. Unfortunately, because I wasn’t able to get Jeopardy! off my DVR in time this evening to recap (I’m playing in a Scrabble tournament tomorrow and have to be up too early for my liking, hence, earlier to bed), the recap of tonight’s game will be delayed until tomorrow. I know that there are a few readers that will be looking forward to seeing that!

Without any further ado, though, Sara Lehmann was on the show earlier this week, winning one game. I personally am disappointed that she wasn’t able to win more, but hey, those are the breaks sometimes when it comes to Jeopardy! Both Sara and I are LearnedLeague members; I contacted her through LL and she agreed to answer some questions for us!


Q: How many times did you try out for the show?

Sara: Well, I’ve taken the online test for as many years as there’s been an online test, but I’d never passed it well enough to get a call for a tryout before this year. Oddly, I did worse on this year’s test than I ever had before! I did road trip up to denver for a contestant search event back in ’02 and made the contestant pool, but never got the call.

Q: In your first show there was a Harry Potter question, and you said you had thought of your own house first (at least, that’s what it sounded like on air!) Thus, the burning question is, what house are you? (I’m a Ravenclaw.)

Sara: I, too, am a Ravenclaw.

Q: I saw it mentioned (by Erik, I believe) on J! Board that you were a bit of a board game fan. What are your favorites?

Sara: I used to play D&D about ten years ago, and really wanted to play World of Darkness, but life got in the way. I still get all excited about dice and paint those damn pewter miniatures… maybe I should look into joining a gaming group… mostly I stick to trivial pursuit, but I only have one friend willing to play with me.

Q: Can you tell me what your thought process was on your Final Jeopardy! wager when you saw the category MODERN OPERA?

Sara: I was shaking like a leaf while considering my wager (okay, for the entire time I was in the studio!) and had a REALLY hard time doing the math. Judging by the looks on my opponents’ faces when the category was announced I knew nobody was going all in! I just went for a nice safe number while praying as hard as I could for a rock opera!

Q: What day did your episodes tape? Did you stay for the rest of the day’s episodes?

Sara: My taping was on a Tuesday. I really wanted to stay for the rest of the tapings, but they gave me my lovely parting gifts and sent me on my way.

Q: You’re a Championship Rundler on LearnedLeague. Here’s a hypothetical question for you: If you had a friend that probably wasn’t Championship Rundle material (or maybe even A material) but still loved trivia, how would you convince them that they should give LearnedLeague a shot?

Sara: Hell, I’ve done it twice! my first referral damn near begged me to refer him before I even joined, and now he seems to have found his groove in Rundle B. (He’s also the only person who’ll play Trivial Pursuit with me!) My second referral was actually my boss. We talked about jeopardy and a mutual love of trivia, and I suggested LearnedLeague. I read him some of the previous league’s questions, and he was up for the challenge.

Q: You posted a link to the LearnedLeague site about your paper bag collection; do you mind if I share that with the readers?

Sara: Go right ahead! I admit to be slightly vain about my puppets, even though no one buys them on Etsy.

(You can find pictures of Sara’s paper bag puppet collection here.)

Q: Is there anything else that you’d like to say?

Sara: I have never been so nervous in my life as i was the day I filmed. It wasn’t stage fright, it was the pressure of being so close to living my life-long dream. I had wanted to be on Jeopardy for so long that I was worried I’d have nothing left to aspire to after this! To be perfectly honest, I’m still kind of expecting to wake up to find the last 6 months were a dream.


Once again, thanks to Sara for agreeing to answer these questions for me, best of luck in LearnedLeague 55, and congratulations on your win!

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