Double Feature Part 1 – And The Sixth Chamber Contains…? (November 23)

By popular request, we’ve decided to go back and fill in the gap of the missing recap of Friday, November 23rd! No pictures, though, unfortunately!

(Edited to add: Also due to the popular request, I had to blog this game off the Archive. That said — the Friday Double Jeopardy Archivist the project has had difficulties with accuracy with his entries. And I now have lots of egg on my face for trying to blog this game off the Archive. –Andy)

Amanda Lanyon-Lesage and Jake Ayres are the challengers for Paul Nelson (who’s won only $48,900 over his 5 wins).

After some close calls in Games 4 and 5, will Paul make it six?


It took me until my second watching to get the “JEOP-PS” (Sarah from the Clue Crew reading out clues in the style of a GPS navigation voice); once I “got” it, it was a definite forehead-slapper!

This definitely felt like Paul’s and Jake’s game to open; Amanda was only able to get in on the buzzer three times in the opening 15 clues, one of which was a neg. The scores at the end of 15:

Paul $3,400
Jake $2,800
Amanda $400

I’m just going to post the interview transcript here verbatim, because frankly, it’s one of those classic ones. And I’d never be able to do it justice otherwise.

Alex: Amanda Lanyon-Lesage, from Madison, Wisconsin… is in a burlesque troupe.
Amanda: I am.
Alex: I want to hear about it.
Amanda: It’s called Peach Pies Caburlesque, and we sort of combine cabaret–like singing and entertainment like that–with, like, a Gypsy Rose Lee kind of tease.
Alex: Whoa, wait a minute. Does that mean you disrobe a lot?
Amanda: Yes.
Alex: Oh. Where is your next performance?
Amanda: Uh…
Alex: Don’t answer! Don’t answer. Don’t answer.

In fact, when my co-blogger and I were discussing who was going to recap this game, part of me wanted to pass it off to her, just to see how she’d cover the interview above!

Back to the game, the Daily Double was found shortly after the break (clue 17), at the bottom of FRENCH EPONYMS. Jake got to play it with the following scores:

Paul $3,400
Jake $3,400
Amanda $400

Jake bet $1,500. His clue: In 1839 this Frenchman showed a way to create an image on a copper plate coated with silver; the process is named for him. His correct answer put him into the lead at $4,900!

The sports fan in me was disappointed by the following Triple Stumper (NFL $800): In 33 seasons he won 347 games coaching the Colts & then the Dolphins, an average of 10.5 wins a season

Most of the rest of the Jeopardy! round belonged to Jake; At the end of it, the scores were:

Jake $7,300
Paul $3,200
Amanda $1,800


Paul started his hunt as soon as he gained control of the board; Jake decided to avoid such behaviour. There was a post on J! Board the other day on “what’s your rationale behind fishing for the Daily Doubles”? Best response came from Stefan: “I don’t want my opponents to get them.” Needless to say, when you’re the only one hunting, you’ll probably be the only one finding! And Paul did find the first one, under KNOWEST THOU THE OLD TESTAMENT? $2000. Scores:

Jake $8,900
Paul $5,600
Amanda $1,800

Paul bet $3,500 this time. His clue: This woman is promised “eleven hundred pieces of silver” if she can uncover the secret of a certain gentleman. His correct response put him back into the lead at $9,100.

The next 15 clues were a horse race between Jake and Paul as they built up their scores going for the final Daily Double! Eventually, Paul found this one too! It was under ALLITERATION FOR THE PEOPLE $1600. Scores here:

Paul $16,300
Jake $15,300
Amanda $1,400

A bet of only $1,000 was forthcoming on this clue. His clue this time: Missouri miscreant, bank bandit, Ford finished. No answer came out of Paul’s mouth, and he fell to a tie with Jake.

It might have helped for Paul to get a feel of the category first — maybe if he’d realized that all of the correct responses were alliterations as well, he might have pulled the correct answer on the Daily Doubles! As it stood, Paul took a pair of costly negs down the stretch, whereas Jake kept building his score! Unfortunately for Amanda, the only two times she was able to get in on the buzzer in Double Jeopardy!, they were to give incorrect responses.

Scores going into Final Jeopardy!:

Jake $18,900
Paul $14,100
Amanda $600


FJ! clue: Chapters in a biography on this author include “Declaring His Genius” and “A Late Victorian Love Affair”

Amanda 600 – 600 = 0
Paul 14100 – 0 = 14100
Jake 18900 + 9301 = 28201

Paul can’t dodge another bullet, and he bows out as a 5-day champ. He’ll be back in February, though, I’m sure!