Mis-app-lied: Take Two

     You may have seen Andy’s post that this one became the second to be deleted. I’m done with the app, and thank you very much Blogger. Luckily, this time I had e-mailed the post to my mom for her to proofread. I’d made changes but this is greatly preferred to having lost the post for good. And since the original “Mis-app-lied” is gone, I still want to thank Stefan for retrieving this post, which had been lost too.
     Recent Coryats:
Originally 2-23-09: 23600; 27K without negs.
Originally 2-24-09: I was 28/30 in the J round! Sadly, I stumbled in DJ, and my Coryat is 25600; 32400 without negs.
Originally 2-25-09: 19000 (25800 without negs)

     So this was the last day of quarterfinals in the Teachers Tournament. The contestants:
Kate Wilson of Montgomery AL
Whitney Collins of New York NY
Drew Joanides of Miami FL
     Next year, I hope in those little commercials the schools will maybe have one kid say what needs to be said, then have everyone cheer?
     At the first break, Kate had gotten 7 right and had 3600. Drew had gotten one right and 2 wrong and was in the hole 1000. Whitney had gotten 5 right and one wrong and had 2200. Drew came alive though, after the break, getting 6 right. Two of those were rebounds from Kate’s incorrect responses. Kate had also gotten 2 right and had 3400. Whitney too had gotten 2 right and had 3000. Drew had 2600, and he wagered 800 on this clue in 9-Letter Words: “A standard of measurement, especially one 3 feet long.” He and I got it right! There were 3 clues left in the round. Whitney got 2 of those and Kate got one. They had 4800 and – oh! – 4400 respectively.
     I swept A 4 “O” Average to start out the Double Jeopardy round.
     Kate found the first Daily Double in Name That Bible Book. She had gotten 4 right since the round began and had 7600. Whitney had gotten 3 right and had 7200, and Drew had gotten one right and had 5400. Kate seemed like she liked the category, as she went there when she could and stuck with it. She wagered 2000 on this clue: “It says, ‘Salute Andronicus’ & ‘Salute Asyncritus.'” I thought this clue was too tough, and Kate didn’t get it either.
     Drew found the next Daily Double in Native Americans. He’d apparently gotten over his funk – he still had the lead with 13400. He’d gotten 6 right since the last Daily Double. Whitney had gotten 3 right and 2 wrong, and had 7600. Kate had gotten 6 right and one wrong, and had 11600. Danger – there are only 3 clues left after this one, with no apparent threat that the round would end early. Drew wagered 1400 on this clue: “On Feb. 11, 1805 Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was born to this Shoshone woman at Fort Mandan, North Dakota.” He got it right!
     Gotta do it – This was the next clue, also in Native Americans: “A Nebraska town is named for this Sioux chief & native son who had a twin brother named ‘Roaring Cloud.'” I knew this (I currently live 1 1/2 hours away), but I have to admit I was kind of surprised a contestant (Drew) did. I’d put it on the poll but, if you’d seen yesterday’s post, you saw the poll’s already gonna be out of control. While I’m at it, did you guys know this one in Always with a Hand Raised?: “This fitness nut from Wisconsin has given new fame to the alternating shoulder press & the rest of the P90X workout.” I didn’t, and I’d never have gotten it! Somehow I didn’t come across this in my recent effort to learn all things Congress.
     Drew got one of the 3 right, and Whitney got another. The third was a triple-stumper, and no one negged on it. The scores going into Final Jeopardy, then: Whitney 9600, Drew 16400, and Kate 11600. The Final category was Born & Died. This was the clue: “He was born in 1728 in Yorkshire, England & died in a skirmish February 14, 1779 in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii.” The contestants astounded me again by getting this right (all 3 of ’em!). Whitney added 2001. Kate added 7601. Drew wagered 6801, enough to qualify him automatically. But wait – Kate and Whitney passed too!:
Colby Burnett (Winner)
John Hines (Winner)
Marion Penning (Winner)
Brenton Montie (Winner)
Drew Joanides (Winner)
Marcia Edmundson (20100)
Kate Wilson (19201)
Michael Farabaugh (18000)
Whitney Collins (11601)
Diana North (10000)
Terry Parker (6799)
Robin Cheney (1400)
Tina Baybay-Bykov (1000)
Chris Pae (399)
Francesca Leibowitz (0)
     Now I think you know I love the last day of the quarterfinals in any J! tournament, because of the drama when the semifinalists are revealed. Today, I didn’t even watch that part til I watched the show the second time through!
     These were my triple-stumpers today:
  • In F.H.: “Linda Hunt won an Oscar for playing a man in 1983 & this actress was nominated for playing a man in 2005.”
  • In Robots & Cyborgs: “Seven of Nine, a female borg, turns up on this TV spin-off.”
     I kept track of my Coryat today using my app instead of pen/paper since Robert and I aren’t comparing results tomorrow, and it didn’t go very well. (For one thing I had to watch the first 15 clues again, not counting for this recap, because I lost my results when I backed out of the app.) I think my Coryat was 19000, and I think I had 6400 in negs. 🙁