Oh, Nerves…

Welcome to another week of game recaps here at The Jeopardy! Fan! Andy here with the recap of December 10. But first up, as always, the week’s contestants:

Joel Alderson, Andover, KS
Alistair Bell, Berlin, MA
Saidi Chen, New York, NY
Josh Frumkin, Germantown, MD
Carly Gramer, Orlando, FL
John McGee, Dallas, TX
Jan Rishoi, Ann Arbor, MI
Rachel Shuman, Silver Spring, MD
Matt Steinpreis, Plymouth, WI
Judy Strong, Bellevue, WA
Mandy Tuthill, Milwaukee, WI

Josh Frumkin is the returning champion, and his challengers today are Joel Alderson and Mandy Tuthill!

J! round categories:

A very impressive get early on from Joel at BLT $1000 (Delivered by an inhaler, albuterol is a quick-acting one of these 14-letter medications that open the airwaves).

Next up, a clue of the “Jeopardy! jinxed it, clearly” variety (WHAT’S FOR LUNCH? $600: This snack from Hostess, created in 1930; its inventor said it “was the best darn-tootin’ idea I ever had”)

Poor Mandy, though. On SHE CREATED HIM $600 (Atticus Finch), she rang in, and then stated “her name just left my mind completely!” Oh, nerves…

It compounded further when Josh picked up Daily Double on the very next clue (SHE CREATED HIM $800)! Scores at this point:

Joel $2,400
Josh $1,600
Mandy $800

Josh decided to bet just $1,000. His clue: Wang Lung. He guessed the same thing I did, and his score fell to $600.

I haven’t checked the Sony boards, but I really hope there were no indignant corrections on WHAT’S FOR LUNCH $800 (This “pie”, diced lamb mixed with gravy & veggies topped with mashed potatoes). If there were (of course, claiming ‘beef’ — no pun intended), I weep for humanity.

At the end of 15, the scores were:
Josh $2,400
Joel $2,400
Mandy $1,800

Mandy came out like gangbusters after the inteview break, especially in CHRISTMAS PARTIES, but it was the two guys who had the better time of it eventually! At the end of 30, Mandy still trailed. Scores:

Josh $6,000
Joel $4,800
Mandy $3,000

DJ! round categories:

I wasn’t a fan of A LITTLE ALLITERATION, to be honest: it seemed to be very contrived, in my opinion.

After a Triple Stumper at the bottom of that category (a sign that points to the inability to sleep), and Mandy having switched out of the category earlier, Josh found the Daily Double under LANDMARKS $800. Scores:

Joel $10,000
Josh $9,600
Mandy $3,800

(If I were in this situation, I’d throw a bet of $9,000 out there.)

Considering Josh’s conservative nature on the first Daily Double, I was surprised to see him go as high at $3,400 on his bet here. His clue: This Moscow green space gave Martin Cruz Smith a novel title. Josh had no difficulty with this one, and his score went up to $13,000.

(If I were in this situation, my score would now be $600.)

Josh kept up his buzzer mojo following the Daily Double, while Mandy seemed to just be a bundle of nerves. Whenever she got in, for the most part, she’d unfortunately take a neg.

She did get a $2000 clue, though, and switch back to AWARDS & HONORS $1200 which had the game’s final Daily Double in it! 2 clues were to play after it, and the scores were:

Josh $19,800
Joel $13,200
Mandy $3,800

Mandy went for $3,500. (Good on her!) Her clue: This highest decoration for valor in the British Armed Forces was insituted at the request of Prince Albert. Unfortunately, she was unable to come up with the correct name of it, and her score fell to $300

At the end of the round, the scores were:

Josh $23,400
Joel $13,200
Mandy $300

FJ! category: 1920s LITERATURE

FJ! clue: The collapse of this title structure causes the death of Esteban, Uncle Pio, Don Jaime, Pepita, & a marquesa

Mandy 300 – 299 = 1
Joel 13200 – 12000 = 1200
Josh 23400 + 3001 = 26401 (he’s now a 2-day champ with $43,601).

Josh will be back tomorrow, and so will I! See you tomorrow!

(My father didn’t think I’d get this Final. I did get it!)

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