The One Where Bad Betting Gets Rewarded

Andy back for another week of opinions and game recaps here at The Jeopardy! Fan!

Our defending champion is Alistair Bell of Berlin, MA

This week’s other 10 new contestants will be:

Theresa Anderson, Valrico, FL
Jeannie Blanke, Newbury Park, CA
Chrisanne Eastwood, Moorpark, CA
Joe Emison, Asheville, NC
Susan Jann, Bristol, PA
Justin Kowal, Glen Burnie, MD
Kevin Moser, Fort Wright, KY
Jen Ruth, Aurora, CO
Mike Wallace, Sunnyside, NY
Jessica Young, Charleston, WV

The challengers on this Monday are: Theresa Anderson and Susan Jann!

Once again, Alistair’s 3 day total is $56,800 – he’ll need at least one more win to put himself into the Tournament of Champions field. Will he get it?

J! round categories:

After starting in THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, he moved out of it into MATH FUN after realizing it was a potent potables category. He was having lots of fun in it when the Daily Double (a dreaded video) was lurking at that category’s bottom! He’d already hit the first 4 clues in that category, and the scores were:

Alistair $2,400
Theresa $200
Susan $0

(This seems like an automatic $2,400 for me here.)

However, Alistair chose to bet just $1,600. His clue: The Venn Diagram here contains 3 sets, A, B, and C. But there’s another set that includes all possible things, that’s called this

(I did that graphic myself! The set being asked for is in light blue, by the way.)

Unfortunately, Alistair said the wrong thing, and his score fell to $800.

Surprisingly, the first break came after just 12 clues (2 in SPIRIT and all of MATH and FROM B… were gone)! At the break, your scores were:

Alistair $2,600
Susan $1,200
Theresa $200

Back to the game, Susan got the bottom three clues in THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT which caused Alex to quip “You know your booze!”

Thankfully, this round seemed to move at quite a brisk pace, though a “less than a minute” signal came with 4 clues left! Susan definitely had her buzzer working well, though, the scores at the end of 30 were:

Susan $6,600
Alistair $3,600
Theresa $2,400

DJ! round categories:

I liked NEW JERSEY as it was a sports category! I liked it even more when the $1200 clue contained the Daily Double! Theresa switched out of it (likely because it was sports), but Alistair saw the Daily Double when he went back into it. Scores at this point:

Susan $7,000
Alistair $5,600
Theresa $2,800

His bet: Just $1600. His clue: Nike redesigned the NFL uniforms for 2012, with the biggest revamp for this team that’s closest to Nike headquarters. My mother was complaining about their new uniforms on Sunday! Alistair got the right answer as well to move to $7,200.

I liked it even more when the $1600 clue was about the Montreal Canadiens’ throwback jerseys! $2000 though, a Triple Stumper, broke my heart (This team that once featured a dribbling dinosaur on its jersey became the NBA’s first to debut a camoflage one)

Susan and Alistair spent much of this round trading correct answers, and it was Susan who got to play the final Daily Double in GEORGE, UHH… $1600! Scores:

Alistair $14,800
Susan $14,200
Theresa $6,000

Her clue: You know, he was a 1901 VMI grad, spearheaded the big European recovery program 46 years later. Her correct response put her at $16,200.

A shocking Triple Stumper at GEORGE $2,000 considering Alistair’s line of work: (It’ll come to me…the algebra or logic named for him is central to the design of computer circuits)

Susan got the last clue played (though 2 in MRS. HIPPIE were left on the board), to bring the scores going into Final Jeopardy! at:

Susan $17,800
Alistair $15,600
Theresa $6,000


FJ! clue: Thoreau noted in 1854, it “resounds at every post. It is a harp with one string — the first strain from the American lyre”

Theresa 6000 – 0 = 6000
Alistair 15600 – 0 = 15600
Susan 17800 + 5000 = 22800

(Ugh. Ugly, ugly wager from Susan. I hate when stuff like that is rewarded.)

She’s the champion now, and will be back tomorrow to defend! See you then!

Remember that if you have any questions for Alistair, Jeanie’ll be doing a Q&A with him!