I’ll say what she’s saying

      Another season 25 Coryat, from the episode originally airing 4-21-09: only 21800 (23600 without negs).
     So can Kristin possibly make it 6 wins today? Here she is with her opponents:

Kristin Morgan of Huntsville AL
James Hawthorne, Jr. of Rochester NY
Joan Blinn of Chicago IL

     I said at the end of last week that Kristin could go shopping now for this week’s outfits, since it was the weekend. But we’ve seen today’s outfit before. That same day, in fact.
     I like that James is a special ed teacher. I considered becoming one myself. And I’m thinking about doing a polar plunge for the Special Olympics in March. If I do, you’ll find out because I’m gonna ask for donations here. 😉
     I also like that Joan is a proofreader and editor.
     Were you guys thrown like I was (twice in fact!) when Mr. Trebek said that the ToC is two weeks away? I’d heard that it was going to be airing in the middle of February. Also, Mr. Trebek said “If Kristin keeps winning, she will be involved in that Tournament of Champions.” Mr. Trebek…? Five wins is plenty.
     I wonder if Kristin intimidated her opponents by getting the first 3 clues of the game right.
     I’m sorry to say I said what Kristin did on this triple-stumper in States’ Most Populous Cities: “Kansas: Population about 384,000.” Then I said St. Louis on this next clue in the same category: “Missouri: Population about 463,000.” Joan said what she did on the previous clue and was right. I said what Joan did again on this triple-stumper: “Maine: about 66,000.” So yeah, this was not a hot start for me. Then I wished I’d said what Joan did on this one: “Delaware: about 71,000.” Then she and I were on the same page for the good, on this one: “North Dakota: about 107,000.”
     Joan found the Daily Double of the round before the first break, in A Lotta Motto. Do you think she was trying to avoid them by skipping the 600 and 800 clues in categories? She continued to do this even after the Daily Double was found. At this point, she’d gotten 6 right and 2 wrong and had 3000. Kristin had gotten 5 right and one wrong and had 1400. James had gotten one right and one wrong, and was in the hole 600. Joan wagered 1000 on this clue: “In ‘Dead Poets Society,’ Robin Williams rhymes ‘gather ye rosebuds while ye may’ with this similar motto.” She and I got it right. We have the first break here.
     I said what Kristin did, unfortunately, on this one in On TV 10 Years Ago: “In real life, the star of this CBS sitcom indeed had a cop brother who was divorced & lived with his parents.”
     James’ interview took forever, but we managed to see all the clues on the board. At the end of the round, James had come back to some extent, getting 5 right and one wrong, and had 1800. Kristin had gotten 6 right and one wrong and had 3600. Joan had gotten two right and had 5400.    
     I was happy for James when he found a Daily Double in Double Jeopardy. He’d gotten 2 right in the round and had 3400. Kristin had gotten 2 right and one wrong, and had 4800. Joan still had 5400. James wagered 2000 on this clue in Sc”i”ence: “Basalt is an extrusive type of this rock; granite is an intrusive type.” I got this one but James didn’t. He had an opportunity there to make the audience laugh when he selected the category Snap next, but he didn’t.
     By this time (the second time through) I was really noticing how James would say, “Uh…” both before selecting and before responding. And Joan liked to say, “Okay” after getting a correct response and before selecting. She found the other Daily Double of the round, in Pop. She’d gotten 8 right and one wrong since James’ Daily Double, and had 13800. Kristin had gotten 2 right and 2 wrong and had 6000. James had gotten 2 right and had 3400. Joan wagered 2200 on this no-brainer: “This Shakespeare royal tells his youngest child, ‘Pray you now, forget and forgive: I am old and foolish.'” So she got it right.
     Apparently none of the contestants play Guitar Hero or, for that matter, listens to recent music, as this was a triple-stumper in Music Act by Siblings: “‘Sex on Fire”s Caleb, Nathan & Jared Followill.” This triple-stumper didn’t give me any trouble either, in the same category: “From Ireland: Andrea, Jim, Sharon & Caroline.” What I don’t know is where they are now.
     We’d had 7 clues left when Mr. Trebek gave the less-than-a-minute warning, and 2 clues were left covered. Alas, Kristin couldn’t catch Joan today. Kristin had gotten 3 right and one wrong since Joan’s Daily Double, and ended the round with 7600. Joan had gotten one right and had 17600. James had gotten 2 right and 2 wrong and had 2200.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Recent Oscar Winners. This was the clue: “From 2008, it’s the most recent film to win Best Picture & Best Song; the lyrics are in a foreign language.” Hey hey hey, remember how I read the book, then watched the movie, for this blog?? Well I got this one right, and I might add it was a triple-stumper. I suspect many people at home got it right though. James lost 2199. Just before Kristin’s response was revealed, Mr. Trebek finally corrected himself – sort of – for “misspeaking” at the beginning of the show. He said he’d said “No matter what she’d be coming back” for the ToC, but that’s not what he’d said. Anyway he was correcting the timeframe: The ToC will air in 4 weeks, and the Teen Tournament in 2 weeks. Anyway Kristin lost 3199 on this clue. She needn’t bother wagering more than 0 here, in my opinion. Joan’s got a lock on the game, and James cannot catch her if he doubles. Anyway, Joan lost just 600. I thought she did better today than Kristin had any time she’d won. We’ll see how she does tomorrow.
     My Coryat today was 25400, with 6600 in negs. In the Jeopardy round, the dollar value was higher in negs than in correct responses.