The old college try

      Recent Coryats:
Originally 7-11-12: 30600 (33400 without negs). The first time I played, my score was 25800 (28600 without negs).
Originally 5-1-09: 29800 (32400 without negs)
Originally 5-4-09: 20200 (24600 without negs)
     I hate to be negative, but this is as cruddy a fortnight of Jeopardy! as it gets for me. Not only are we starting the Teen Tournament, but we started the season 25 College Tournament on GSN yesterday. But on we go! Here are today’s contestants:

Irene Vazquez of Houston TX
Lila Anderson of Minnetonka MA

Kelton Ellis of Macon GA

     Lila found the Daily Double of the round before the first break. She had gotten 4 right and one wrong, and had 1400. Kelton too had 1400. He’d gotten 3 right. Irene had gotten 5 right and one wrong and had 1800. Lila wagered everything on this clue in The State of the Mall (good for her!): “Westfield Vancouver & Pacific Place Mall.” She got it right. There was one more clue before the break, and Lila negged on it. She had 1800 then, too.
     Is it just me or is Mr. Trebek obsessed with the SNL skits about Jeopardy!?
     I was happy to see all the contestants so active in the J round. I didn’t like to see Lila guess so much, but it was Kelton who was in the hole 400 at the end of the round after negging 3 times since the break. He’d also gotten 2 right. Lila had gotten 3 right and 2 wrong since the break and had 2000. Irene had gotten 7 right and had 5200. My own Jeopardy round was smokin’ hot. I went 28/30 with one clam and one neg, both in The State of the Mall. So I swept 5 categories. These were my triple-stumpers:

  • In You’re Gonna Need Car Insurance: “Dean Winters is pure ‘mayhem’ in ads for this company.”
  • In Body Language: “Having this ‘in the pie’ means you’re meddling in something.”
  • In On Facebook & Twitter: “In 2012 she posted on Facebook in English and Spanish that she was becoming a mom & a coach on ‘The Voice.'” (Yes, I got it before Kelton and Lila negged on it.)
  • In Follow Me: “General Patton & others are quoted as originating the phrase ‘Lead, follow or’ do this.”

     My Double Jeopardy round? That was another story…
     Kelton found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy, after only 3 clues had been revealed. He’d gotten 2 of those right, and Lila got the other. They had 1200 and 2800, respectively. Strangely, he wagered 1500 on this clue in Pompeii: “Though Egyptian, Isis was popular in Pompeii. Her temple had holy water imported from this river more than one thousand miles away.”

     Kelton got it immediately.
     I like it when there’s a clue that I’d just seen something about in a Jeopardy! rerun. It happened today in The Author’s Characters: “Queequeg, Captain Vere.” The J round Daily Double in the 5-4 game above was, in Name the Work, “Melville: ‘Captain Vere was an exceptional character.'” 🙂 I didn’t get that Daily Double right.
     Did anyone get this triple-stumper right, in MTV Movie Awards? It seemed impossible to me: “Breakthrough performance 2012: Her as a teen in ‘The Descendants.'”
     Mr. Trebek got to enjoy one of his “Duh” moments when he had to remind Lila of the category after this one in “DC”: “A joker in poker, or a non-division-winning playoff team in the NFL.” He had just given Irene the reminder after she negged on this previous clue. Irene got this one right. I swept the category.
     Kelton found the other Daily Double in the round, too. I hope I’m right about this: He’d gotten 5 right and one wrong since his last Daily Double, and had 6300. Irene had gotten 4 right and the one wrong, and had 9600. Lil had gotten 6 right and 3 wrong and still had 6800. Kelton wagered 3000 on this clue in Electricity: “Canada’s power is 60% from this source, like the water going over Churchill Falls.” Like his last Daily Double, Kelton got it before I had much time to think.
     Lila had 3 more negs before the end of the round. She’d gotten one right too, and ended with 2400. Kelton got 2 more right and had 12100, and Irene got 2 right and one wrong and had 12000. What a tough wagering scenario, when you have to consider wildcard spots!
     The Final Jeopardy category was Historic Quotes. This was the clue: “In April 1865 he said, ‘Go home, all you boys who fought with me, and help to build up the shattered fortunes of our old state.” I finished the book Gone with the Wind not too long ago, and I wonder if that helped. Now I’m working on the sequel, Scarlett. Anyway I got it right. Lila got it right too and doubled her score. Irene got it right and added 3000. Kelton got it and had wagered it all! Mr. Trebek said it was a gutsy move. I don’t know if that’s the word I’d use. But we’ll see him in the semifinals.
     I had one triple-stumper in Double Jeopardy:

  • In MTV Movie Awards: “Villain 2005: Ben Stiller in this playground sports film.”

     Here’s a list I’ll update every day, with wildcard standings. (Hey!)
Kelton Ellis (win)
Irene Vazquez ($15000)
Lila Anderson ($4800)
     My Coryat today was 27800 (35200 without negs).