Is This The Last Game Josh’ll Play For You?

Andy here and we’re back to regular play after 4 weeks of tournaments! The remainder of this week’s contestants:

Twyla Dignan, West Linn, OR
Dean Flagg, Los Angeles, CA
Sara Garnett, Okemos, MI
Melissa Leanza, Laguna Hills, CA
Hans Reodica, Navarre, FL
Craig Sallinger, Washington, DC

Hans Reodica and Sara Garnett are your challengers today Remember Joshua Brakhage? He won 5 games and $103,205 right before the tournaments!

J! round categories:

THE BRONZE AGE was an Olympic bronze medallist category!

Josh had some close negs over the first 15 clues that knocked his score down slightly (“A Brief History of the Universe” for “A Brief History of Time” as one example); the scores after 15 saw Hans leading! They were:

Hans $2,600
Sara $1,800
Joshua $400

After getting back a lot of his lost points, Joshua had the opportunity to do even more damage, when he found the Daily Double on the 24th clue of the round, under “P”s ON EARTH $800. The scores were:

Hans $3,800
Sara $3,600
Joshua $2,000

I know what I’d do here. Joshua did the same thing — a True Daily Double! His clue: ” This U.S. city is the seat of Allegheny County”. His correct response put him to $4,000!

By the end of OH, A WISE GUY, it was Hans who was still having the most luck on the buzzer! At the end of 30, the scores were:

Hans $6,400
Joshua $4,800
Sara $4,200

DJ! round categories:

Selecting first, Sara went straight into LITERARY CHARACTERS, and when she got the $800 clue, the $1200 clue had the Daily Double waiting for her!

The scores at this point were:
Hans $6,800
Sara $5,000
Joshua $4,800

Sara bet $2,000. I might have gone more, but at least she’s betting for the lead! Her clue: This character who debuted in 1926 is also called Edward Bear. The answer came to Sara, and her score went to $7,000. Put a smile on her face as well!

I used something very similar at music trivia as a final question over 4 years ago and took a lot of heat for it at the time, as there’s a Canadian band of the 70s called Edward Bear. Their biggest hit was “Last Song”.

I was disappointed that there were no Canadian schools in the WORLD UNIVERSITIES category!

A Triple Stumper I got (COLONIAL AMERICA $2000): Last name of the theologian who married his stepsister Maria Cotton in 1662 & his nephew’s widow Ann Cotton in 1715. Another $2,000 Triple Stumper (THE BAND’S KILLER ALBUM FILLER): On “Icky Thump”: “300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues”

Still no Daily Double, though, as Sara kept going and all three player’s scores went into five figures.

On the game’s penultimate clue, after Joshua picked up the $1200 clue in MED. ABBREV. – he finally saw the Daily Double on the $1600 clue.

The scores were:
Sara $15,000
Joshua $13,600
Hans $10,800

One $2000 clue remained, meaning the bet I’d pick for Joshua here is $3,500.

Joshua picked $6,400 as his bet. I can’t quibble with that too much!

On a prescription, q.i.d. is a Latin abbreviation indicating the medication should be taken this often. I would have said “once daily”, Joshua said “twice daily”, and his score fell to $7,200. Hans got the final clue, which means Joshua isn’t out of the running going into Final!

Scores going into FJ!:
Sara $15,000
Hans $12,800
Joshua $7,200


FJ! clue: To the question “Did you write the best-known line in JFK’s inaugural?” Ted Sorensen would smile & say these 2 words

Joshua 7200 – 7194 = 6
Hans 12800 – 2201 = 10599
Sara 15000 + 10601 = 25601

Sara Garnett is the new Jeopardy! champion!

While his missing the Final didn’t help him any, I think Hans’ clue selection strategy definitely put him in a worse position going into Final. He said in his interview that he was an ex-doctor. Thus, I think I would have taken MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS in reverse order as soon as I got any sort of board control. That would have netted him that final Daily Double and probably the lead going into Final.

Tournament of Champions update:

1. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)

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