The Cheese stands alone

      I tweeted GSN, asking why Jeopardy! doesn’t appear to be airing this week. They said they’ve had a change in schedule, which doesn’t completely answer my question. But it looks grim, doesn’t it? I’ve asked for clarification.
     As for today, the last day of the Tournament of Champions! The contestants:

Keith Whitener
Colby Burnett

Kristin Morgan

     Yesterday, Colby earned 22200, Kristin earned 400, and Keith earned 4800. So these amounts will be added to today’s to determine the champ.
     At the first break, Colby had gotten one right and one wrong, and was in the hole 400 . Kristin had gotten 6 right and one wrong, and had 2600. Keith had gotten 7 right and had 3200.
     I liked Kristin’s interview. And if she hadn’t gotten that Final right, Dave Leach would’ve been in the Finals. As if he needed the salt in his wounds.
     I didn’t get any in the easy-sounding Holiday Fun, although I wish I’d rung in on this one: “We thought we’d ‘share’ with you the U.K. holiday in which this farm tool is blessed, thus starting the farming year.”
     Hey, I didn’t notice til now that Keith was selecting clues a lot more quickly than in his original run. Good, Keith!
     Colby found the Daily Double of the round, in That 1870s Show. He said, “Yessssss….” He’d gotten 3 right since the break and had 2000. Kristin had gotten 4 right and had 5200, and Keith had gotten 5 right and had 5600. There was one clue on the board after this one. Colby wagered only 800 on this easy one: “Jacques Offenbach’s 1875 operetta ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’ was based on a novel by this man.” Colby got it right. No one got the last clue right.
     For some reason the contestant scores weren’t shown before both the first and second breaks. Not very helpful if someone’s trying to blog about it! 😉
     I didn’t get any in Athletes’ Film Quotes. I just saw “Blazing Saddles” last month, but I don’t know “Alex Karras.”
     I was close but had too many letters in my response to this one in Unreal Estate: “Jonathan Swift wrote that Mildendo, a city in this land, was surrounded by a wall 30 inches high.”
     Kristin found the first Daily Double of the round, in Cathedrals. She’d gotten 4 right and one wrong, and had 8000. Colby had gotten 9 right and had 14400. Keith had gotten 2 right and had 7200. Kristin wagered 6000 on this clue: “The cathedral named for this saint has stood on Red Square since the mid-1500s.”

     Kristin got it right, almost pole-vaulting her to the lead! Colby got the next clue, worth 2000, widening the gap. Then the next clue was the other Daily Double, in Unreal Estate! He wagered 2400 on this clue: “Belle Reve in Mississippi is the lost family home that’s longed for in this classic American play.” Colby and I didn’t get it. Now he was tied with Kristin again, and with no more Daily Doubles. He got 2 more right and one wrong before the end of the round, and had 14400 going into the final. Kristin too got 2 right and one wrong, and had 15200. Keith got one right and had 8400.
     The Final Jeopardy category was 19th Century America. The clue: “One of the two years in which 3 men served as president of the United States.” Okay, way too much for me. Keith and Colby got it right though. Keith doubled his score, bringing his two-day total to 21600. That’s less, of course, than Colby had yesterday alone. Colby wagered 0, bringing his two-day total to 36600. Kristin lost 6001, ending with 9599 for the two days. So Colby is the new champ! This should silence both Colby’s detractors, who think he’s arrogant, as well as people who think Teachers Tournament material is dumbed down.
     I had plenty of negs, but I feel better that I gave the same responses as contestants on these:

  • In Facts & Figures: “In 2011 Karin Vogel was 4,973rd in line for the British crown; the Duke of this was 4th.” This wound up being a triple-stumper.
  • In Beastly Expressions: “‘Run with the hare & hunt with the _____s.” 

     And these were my triple-stumpers:

  • In The Health Business: “Fred Joyal flashes his pearly whites in commercials for 1-800-this, which he co-founded.” I had too many letters at first, but I saved it in time.
  • In Unreal Estate: “3 men were falsely accused of cattle rustling & hanged in an ‘incident’ near Bridger’s Wells, Nevada in this 1940 novel.” Don’t ask how I knew this. I don’t know myself.
  • In Abbrev. Backwards and Forwards: “A heart attack suffered by a member of Jim Phelps’ force.” I don’t know what “I.M.” is except in the nursing sense, but I know what an “M.I.” is! 🙂 I got my butt kicked in The Health Business though. 

     My Coryat today was 15000 (21600 without negs). So my average this tournament was 21560. Maybe I’ll compare my average to this tournament when it’s rerun someday.

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