Playing Better Small Ball

Andy here with the final recap of the week!

Yellowlees Douglas and Mike Munley are the two challengers for Drew Horwood! I hear Drew decided to make quite a large bet yesterday for Jeanie’s recap! I see how it is…

The all-important 4th game for Drew, will he give himself a good shot at qualifying for the Tournament of Champions?

J! round categories:

Yellowlees had some excellent gets over the first 15 clues, including clues like WORDS WITH A DOUBLE L $1000 (“God is love. Love is blind. Bob Smith is blind. Therefore Bob Smith is God” is a faulty this philosophic term), put her into the lead after 15 clues! The scores after 15:

Yellowlees $3,800
Drew $2,000
Mike $200

Drew wants to use some of his winnings to take the New Zealand Lord of the Rings tour!

Coming out of the break, it was Mike who got to play the first Daily Double, under PINS & NEEDLES $400! The scores were:

Yellowlees $3,800
Drew $2,000
Mike $400

He bet the full $1,000. His clue: To make a simple one of these, magnetize a needle, run it through a cork & place it in a bowl of water. Mike looked shellshocked, shook his head, gave an incorrect response (a clock), and his score fell to $600.

Mike recovered well, though, running PRO SPORTS TEAMS! Drew also did well near the bottom of TORAH (which surprisingly, I also ran playing at home!), to make the scores at the end of 30:

Drew $5,200
Yellowlees $4,600
Mike $3,800

DJ! round categories:

I really didn’t like how Mike chose to hedge his bets on St. John(‘s) on CARIBBEAN CAPITALS $1600 (This capital of Antigua & Barbuda shares its name with the capital of Newfoundland)- he clearly stalled slightly on the John, thinking that if Alex waited, he needed the last S. Alex didn’t seem to appreciate it either!

COMMON BONDS $1200: Wilkins Micawber, Harold Skimpole, Paul Sweedle-Pipe – Yellowless negged with “Accountants”, giving Alex a chuckle! He then said “No offense to accountants!”

The first Daily Double was found under KIDDY LIT $1600. The scores were:

Drew $12,000
Mike $10,600
Yellowlees $3,000

Drew bet $2,000. His clue: This heroine was named for the rampion, a leafy vegetable her father stole from the witch’s garden. Drew seemed like he had no idea, but threw out his best guess. That best guess happened to be right! His score went to $14,000, to his surprise!

Yellowlees, after getting the idea of BIOLOGY, hopped from $400 to $1200 and found the game’s final Daily Double! Scores:

Drew $14,000
Mike $10,600
Yellowlees $5,400

And then she goes and wagers $2,000. Sigh. That situation calls for at least $5,000. What on earth was the point of hunting for it if you’re not goint to take advantage of it?

Her clue: In the human body, the process of osmoregulation is primarily carried out by these organs. Of course, she got the clue right, only going up to $7,400.

By the end of the DJ! round, the scores were:

Drew $15,200
Mike $11,800
Yellowlees $10,200

FJ! category: THE OSCARS

FJ! clue: Brother & sister who were both nominated for 1969 Oscars: he for a screenplay, she for best actress; they didn’t win

(I had no clue on this.)

Yellowlees 10200 – 7000 = 3200
Mike 11800 – 8601 = 3199
Drew 15200 – 8401 = 6799

Not sure why Yellowlees decided that $7,000 was a better bet than $3,400, but Drew’s getting by because for the most part, he knows how to play the game better than his opponents do!

ToC update:
1. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)
2. Drew Horwood $70,798 (4 wins)
3. Sara Garnett $75,403 (3 wins)

I’ll be back Monday!