Cradle and all

      Salvo took down Rebecca yesterday in an impressive debut. (Mr. Trebek called him “very impressive”!) Can he win again? Here he is with his opponents:

Salvo Candela
Eric Nelson
(Anyone else reminded of this champ with a similar name?)
Emily Vandermeulen

     I liked Salvo early on today – unlike a contestant earlier this week, he was very quick to select. So much so he rolled right over Mr. Trebek sometimes, while the latter was still talking.
     As for poor Emily, she 3 times – including 2 in a row! – said “What is” before selecting a category. I think that it so embarrassing.
     Was anyone else confused by Mr. Trebek’s explanation of The Only Game in Town? I’m pretty sure Eric’s response of “the Packers” wasn’t incorrect for this one: “Green Bay.” He changed his response in time to what Mr. Trebek was looking for, anyway.
     Speaking of Eric, I thought the combination of “teacher” and “small business owner” was so cool. I’m glad he explained in his interview.
     Yesterday, the Jeopardy round Daily Double came right after the first break. Today, it was the last clue before the break. Salvo found it, in You’ve Got Taste. Salvo appeared to be looking at the scores as he was selecting the clue. He had gotten 6 right and one wrong (thinking Jacksonville had a hockey team!), and had 2200. Emily had gotten 5 right and had 3400. Eric had gotten 3 right and had 1600. Salvo wagered 2000 on this clue: “To show that its fountain pens were the pinnacle of writing instruments, a company took this Alpine name.” Neither Salvo nor I got it right, and I wouldn’t have upon hearing the name.
     I said what Eric did on this one in Potpourri, and was stunned when it was wrong: “According to the nursery rhyme, it’s when ‘the cradle will rock.'”
     It was a close game at the end of the Jeopardy round. Eric had gotten 4 right and 2 wrong and had 3200. Emily had gotten one right and had 4400. Salvo had gotten 8 right and had 4800.
     Salvo found the first Daily Double of the Double Jeopardy round in How Colleges Got Their Names. He’d gotten 4 right and 2 wrong and had 6000. Emily had gotten 5 right and 2 wrong and had 8800. Eric had gotten 4 right and had 7600. Salvo wagered 3000 on this softball: “This Pittsburgh u. was formed by the merger of 2 schools, 1 founded by a philanthropist & the other by 2 banker brothers.”
     I have to thank Rudy Huxtable for getting this triple-stumper, in How Colleges Got Their Names: “The USA’s oldest college for black women, it was named for benefactor John D. Rockefeller’s in-laws.”
     I’ve accepted “decay” for this one in Chemistry: “Hydrogen peroxide in your bathroom is slo-o-owly undergoing this, a breakdown into components, like a dead organism.”
     Salvo had widened the gap by the time he found the last Daily Double, still in Chemistry. He’d gotten 5 right and had 15000. Emily had gotten 2 right and one wrong and had 8800. Eric had gotten one right and also had 8800. Salvo wagered 2000 on this clue: “A synonym for simple sugars, like glucose, this word is quite polysyllabic.” Props to Salvo for getting this one, and easily it looked like. There were 6 clues left on the board at this point. That’s pressure for Eric and Emily! I know the feeling well. Somehow Salvo ended the round with a lock even though he negged once, and Emily got 2 right. She did neg once too, and on a 2000. 🙁 That last clue made all the difference. If she hadn’t negged there, even though Salvo got it right, she’d have more than half his total. And speaking of that clue, I’ve accepted “appellate” for this one (category  Benjamin Harrison Administration): “On March 3, 1891 9 of these courts were created to relieve the Supreme Court of some of its jurisdiction.”
     So at the end of the round, Salvo had 19400, Emily had 8000, and Eric had 8800. The Final Jeopardy category was Broadway Musicals, and this was the clue: “The last song in this musical is ‘Tomorrow is a Latter Day.'” I got this one right in a few seconds, after thinking first of “Gone with the Wind” and then “Annie.” Emily got it wrong, so it didn’t matter after all about that last neg since Salvo got this final right. (Emily, if you’re reading this, take my advice and see the play version of “Les Miserables.” It’s incredible.) Emily lost all 8000. Eric got this one right and added 700. Salvo added 1795. Good on you, Salvo! See you next week!
     So if those two responses can be accepted, my Coryat was 38800 with the one 200 neg.

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