My Coryat for the episode originally airing 9-22-11: 22400 (24000 without negs).
     This week’s contestants:
Matt Eichenbaum of Kennett Square, PA
Gregory Haroutunian of Montvale, NJ
Adam Holquist of Erie, PA
Ryan McLaughlin of Chicago, IL
Diane Mezzanotte of Laurel, MD
Mona Miller of Los Angeles, CA
Karla Stahl of Odessa, FL
Bradley Tytel of Brooklyn, NY

Anne Hardiman of Houston TX

     Salvo Candela won his second game Friday and didn’t appear to be slowing down. Will he defeat these two today?:

Salvo Candela of New York NY
Mark Richardson of Staunton VA

      I’ve been having trouble with my DVR lately, where it will randomly say service is unavailable. It might be in the middle of a recording whether I’m watching or not, or it may be while something’s supposed to be recording. I’m holding my breath, hoping it’ll last through at least Thursday morning when a technician’s coming over. The whole episode recorded today, but all I got were contestant pictures when the message came up while I was blogging. Luckily it’s just a matter of unplugging for 4 minutes each time it happens. But that doesn’t help if I’m not home when something should be recording, like Celebrity Apprentice last night.
     Anne found the first Daily Double of the Jeopardy round, in State Quarters. She’d gotten 4 right and had 2200. Mark had gotten one wrong and 2 right, and had 800. Salvo had gotten 7 right and one wrong and had 2400. Anne wagered just 600 🙁 on this clue: “The Zia sun symbol over a topographical outline of the state.” I knew this one instantly but she got it wrong. This was the last clue before the break.
     I might have gotten it anyway but this clue in On Bass and Vocals brought to mind the episode in the first sentence of this post: “This bassist & singer is the new hope of jazz, & her first name, Esperanza, even means ‘hope.'” Strange how that keeps happening!
     Mark led with 5400 at the end of the round – he got 7 right, including 4 in a row immediately after the first break! Salvo got 4 right and had 4600, and Anne got 3 right and had 3400.
     Mark found the first Daily Double of Double Jeopardy, in the surprisingly tough Europe. He’d gotten 3 right and had 7000. Mark had gotten what seemed like the first of many wrong and had 3800. Anne still had 3400. Salvo wagered 3000 on this clue: “With about 12 million people, this city on the eastern European plain is the most populous entirely in Europe.” I’d have liked longer to think about this, but Salvo knew it right away.
     Salvo swept Misnamed Animals immediately before finding the next Daily Double in Synonyms. He’d gotten 9 right then and had 19600, scary compared to Mark’s 3800 and Anne’s 4600. Mark had negged twice, and Anne picked both of those up! Mark also got one right. Salvo wagered 1500 on this clue: “This synonym for ‘chorus’ also means to hold yourself back from doing something.” I knew this one immediately, but I was somewhat amused by Salvo’s response of “corral.” He looked like he thought it was right.
     I got this triple-stumper in the Double Jeopardy Graphic Novels: “Not to gripe but in this 1969 Philip Roth novel, quite a time is had with a young lady known as ‘The Monkey.'” But I ended the game on sort of a sour note: I didn’t have any negs in this game til this last clue: “The cover of this 1956 bestseller said it ‘lifts the lid off a small New England town.'”
     Salvo had a lock on the game at the end of Double Jeopardy. He’d gotten 2 right since his Daily Double and had 20100. Mark had 2 right but 2 wrong and had 2200. Anne had 3 right and had 9400.
     The Final Jeopardy category was Art, and this was this confusing clue: “One of its principal members said, ‘One morning one of us, having no black, used blue instead, &” this movement ‘was born.'” Mark had it wrong and lost 800. Anne got it right but wagered nothing, and Salvo missed it and lost 1200. But he makes the ToC list with this, his third win!
     My Coryat today was 21600, and I had the one 2000 neg.

ToC update:
1. Drew Horwood $138,100 (8 wins)
2. Joshua Brakhage $103,205 (5 wins)
3. Rebecca Rider $101,600 (5 wins)
4. Sara Garnett $75,403 (3 wins)
5. Salvo Candela $66,195 (3 wins)